Monday, February 17, 2014

Olympics, Monument Men

A lot of people don't know the REAL story behind George Washington crossing the Delaware.

Big snow today - be careful, the wind will make clearing roads a real problem.  Some good melting tomorrow! 


Monuments Men - Spoiler but who cares, this movie blows!

So I'm a WWII buff and read reviews that said this was a bad bad movie, but I thought the reviews were looking at history and NOT the entertainment value.  I was so so wrong.  I really wanted to like this movie, REALLY!!

Where do I begin.  The actors.  George Cloony was SO Cloonyish. The entire movie all I saw was George Cloony not Frank Stokes.  John Goodman, can he actually act?  Is it really necessary to have John Goodman trying on different size funny helmets?  Why was Bill Murry in the movie anyway??

The only two Monuments Men that had any redeeming value (Jean Dujardin and Hugh Bonneville or Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham to some) were both KILLED.

This movie is one clich' after the next.  Was it suppose to be a low budget movie?  When they land on Omaha beach a few weeks after the invasion . . . . IT'S EMPTY!!!   Hot showers in Bastion with a record of your family singing over the loudspeaker? Come on!

It was disjointed with many inside jokes that nobody ever got.  Speeches with knowing looks and unneeded gags.  Matt Damon stands on a landmine and they pile bricks on it. When it's time to step off . . . .THEY ALL GATHER AROUND HIM!  "If you die we all die"!

The theater was packed!   I read the audience was 52 percent female and 75 percent over the age of 35.   Movies with older demographics tend to hold longer but people leaving the theater were muttering "that was a waste of time".

It was not funny, not serious, and certainly not historical (there were 120 Monuments Men, not 6).  I tried to get over the blatant historical misses but this was a good ol boy movie with zero direction and just a bunch of disjointed vignettes.  

HOWEVER - what this movie does do is make good conversation afterward. Some movies are great and after you leave the theater you talk about how great it was, some movies are OK and there is nothing to say (Lone Ranger) and some are so bad you spend the next 3 hours cutting it down.  DJ said Clooney was actually making her angry LOL
Then there is Winters Tale staring another Downton Abby actor (Jessica Brown Findlay - Lady Sybil) which was a complete bomb and disappointment coming in 7th place in it's opening weekend and Flixter has even lower ratings.

Jessica Brown Findlay will be staring in a BBC mini series called Jamaica Inn and staring in three movies in the next two years, one with Amy Adams).

Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary Crawley) and her movie with Liam Neeson looks good for a thriller in Non-Stop.


Anybody watching the Olympics?

Did you catch the Cheese Heads at the Skeleton competition? 

That is my high school classmate cheering on a relative.  

And here she is wearing his Bronze Olympic Medal.  I was as surprised as anybody.  Seems Matt Antoine is her daughter's brother -in-law (that makes my head spin figuring that one out).  I never put Nancy Sepia Antoine and  Matt Antoine together.

Be careful driving today - by noon we should be getting one inch per hour in snow.