Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday stuff

Columbus and Madison and most areas around here received about 1/2 inch of sky water.

Funny - I was talking about zombies yesterday and before I went to Home Brew Club last night (I'm treasurer of the Sun Prairie Worthogs , more on this later) I watched an episode of The Walking Dead.

Now mind you, I am not a horror fanatic, in fact I'm anti-horror for the most part. Ever since I saw Alien in the theaters where I was SO SHOCKED at that one scene I was turned off to gore for my life.
RIP sweet Mika and psycho Lizzie

HOWEVER - friends kept telling me that The Walking Dead was so amazing and it IS the #1 scripted show on television which blows my mind.  Every season the ratings have gone higher then the next . . . . .anyway . . I started watching it and am totally hooked.

But back to my original thought . . there was an episode last week where it's like watching Old Yeller.  OMG seriously.

The episode was acted and scripted so well I wanted to applaud and be totally sad at the same time.  For anyone that watches it was The Grove  or  the "Look at the flowers Lizzie" episode.

It's been nominated for the Writers Guild of America Award and the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama and the demographics of viewers say the majority of viewers are woman.


Sun Prairie Worthog competition judging
Back to reality - My oatmeal stout came in 3rd place last night out of 10.  Not disappointed. An oatmeal stout is not my forte and frankly I've never had a true oatmeal stout that knocked my socks off anyway.

I just did not get enough points in the mouth feel category.  I had all the other cat's but only got three out of five points for how the beer feels in your mouth which is important in an oatmeal stout.

Next up is my Saison which is a Belgium beer with fruity esters and a tricky fermentation process.

Beer normally needs to ferment rather cool in the low 60's.  But with a Saison  (French meaning season) you need to slowly raise the temperature of the fermentation a couple degrees a day up to the middle 80s.  This will bring out some of the special nuances of the flavor.        

So how was I going to do that?  How about a 35gallon container filled with water and a 55 gallon fish tank heater.

Saison heating up to 85
On a side not I'm hoping to brew my East Indian Porter at Hydro Street Brewing. We shall see.

The Broadway Theater group had a great announcement. The Columbus Theater Association is now a  non-profit organization.  Next month they will attend the League of Historic American Theatres regional conference in Chicago.   Knowledge is Power and I am so excited for these guys! 


After working a little on project #1 (the billboard maybe thingy, as yet to be announced) and today is #2 as I talk to a magazine about the cover of their June Issue.  busy busy!  

OH - Winter Parking Rules are no longer in effect!  No Easter Sunday parking tickets this year, which is good because that would be April 20th. 

And one last thing - I was asked about the Columbus Police Department issuing warrants for arrest because of 3 month overdue library fines.  I was shocked and thought this was outrageous.   I looked and there were something like 20+ warrants for hundreds of dollars and  jail time  WTF? this is what they do is look for overdue library book offenders? 

So I went to there source.  Those mean librarians at the Columbus Library putting people in jail. 

WELL - here is the deal.  

It's NOT for overdue fines at all. It's for stealing books.  When you have an overdue book they will send out FOUR notices over a 3 month period and if they are totally ignored after three months they feel the book has been stolen (one person has not returned 17 books).  All anybody has to do is talk to them and all is well, BUT - DO NOT IGNORE YOUR LIBRARIAN!

So the $$ I saw on the warrants are not "fines" but the actual price of the missing and stolen books.