Monday, March 31, 2014

Opening Day!

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Summer is here - it's Opening Day for baseball and the Brewers start their quest for 81 wins.

I took the above shot opening day a few years ago. It was pretty much how I was seeing things at the time.  You see I was invited to the game by balderdash and I asked if anyone was bringing REAL beer.  The answer was no, so I brought some Hopalicious. WELL - seems they have a drinking game tradition (what! are they in high school?) and it seems every time you lose you have to take a swig of beer.

WELL - I'm swigging 6.5% ABV and they are swigging 3.1% ABV beer.  I'm not sure who is the winner on this one.  


The Badgers are 2 point underdogs next week and I would take that bet if I was a gambling man. Not because I'm a homer but because it's a smart bet.  So far 57% of gamblers are taking Kentucky -2 which is a good thing.

Kentucky will concentrate on Kaminsky but from what I have seen this year the Badgers have gotten this far  because when one player has a bad game someone else picks up the slack.  WELL, ALL players had a bad offensive game except Kaminsky.  Get a few more hitting and all is well.

Point spread is wrong and catered to the stupid public bettors.  While the Badgers had a 37% chance of making it to the Big Dance they NOW have a 31% chance of being National Champions according to FiveThirtyEight who are stupid good at this sort of thing. They have a 58% chance of beating Kentucky.


Council will be talking about adding a Pay Day legalized Loan Shark store near the assumed Sentry (rumors have it that Sentry backed out but we shall see).  Stay classy Columbus.   However they will also talk about buying a street sweeper and I'm all for that and have heard complaints from a number of people about the cigarette butts downtown near the dive bars.   

Also on the table will be talk about giving all Columbus government employes a paid day off the 3rd Friday of July to celebrate our awesomeness.  I wonder how much that will cost Columbus, I have not seen the numbers yet.

Happy birthday Eiffel Tower.  Columbus should have a replica of the tower downtown.  In 1889 Sir Bickerstaffe, the Mayor of Blackpool visited the tower and was so impressed he built one just like it.  I feel we should send Sir Crombie to France so he can build on that towers over Mullins.

In 2008 a woman actually married the Eiffel tower and changed her name to Erika La Tour Eiffel.  I guess the French are not as anal over marriage as we are in the States.

Did you know that in cold weather the tower shrinks 6 inches?  That's what she said!

In 1960 Charles de Gaulle proposed temporarily dismantling the tower and sending it to Montreal for Expo 67.  Bright idea but rejected.

Remember to vote Tuesday. 

Sitting - not running
Bomcamp Dist 2 -  Auxiliary Police Officer 

Running District 1
Davidson  - Auxiliary Police Officer
Rick Royem - NOT Auxiliary Police Officer

Running District 2
Larry Herzog  Auxiliary Police Officer
Rod Melotte NOT Auxiliary Police Officer

Do we need THREE Auxiliary Police Officer's that don't recuse themselves from voting on Police matters?   Just sayin'