Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Shirley and Jenny! Flightradar24, Divergent.

OMG - this is so awesome I had tears in my eyes!!


When I was at the Circus in Columbus I and many around me left sad.  Seeing the elephant in chains and obviously not happy was heartbreaking.  OH - they said they were well taken care of but if I had a servant and took care of him and was nice BUT kept his legs in chains is that OK?

OH - he's fine we love him, never mind the chains, it's for his own protection! 

Watch that video and tell me that elephants are only big animals!  They are beings with a soul.

Ringling Brothers has the biggest fine ever for abusing their Elephants.  In 2015 England will ban all use of elephants in circuses! 

I have a new mindless awesome app.  Flightradar24.

It shows real time data of all the planes in the air in the world.   I see a plane flying over Columbus and can instantly see what kind of plane, where it's going, where it came from, it's ETA, how fast and how high it is and can even click to see what they see from the cockpit.

I can even see a plane, point my iPhone or iPad at it and get all the info.  If I want I can go to an airport and see all the arrival times.

Since I have been observing many planes we see flying over Columbus are either going to Minneapolis or Seattle!  

  Right now there is an Airbus A320 over Columbus out of Chicago WITH NO DESTINATION!


Since the MSNBC website has dumbed down and is just big photos and not the wonderful news they used to have I've been searching for a new news site and found one.

Business Insider is GREAT!!

There is an article about software developers fearing becoming 30!!  And I totally understand.

The problem is that when you get into the business of software developing like games and so forth in your 20s you are REALLY good.  By the time you are 30 you have written the same code over and over again on different platforms and are relearning new languages but doing the same thing  over and over.   

"If all you do is 'write code' then you have to be prepared to write the same code in a new paradigm over and over".

Relearning your job skills every 2 years can really get to be a pain. So what do you do?  You move up in the organization and move away of what you really liked doing.

Reading Divergent - awesome book.  sort of a fast read but I am so pumped to see the movie - I'll be disappointed of course but the book is pretty good. 10,895 reviews with 9,922 4+ stars.

One review that I agree with " The story transported me and I had a hard time pulling myself out of the book in order to continue with my every day things. In fact, when I closed the book after finishing it, I was struck by the desire to start over from the beginning because I didn't want the experience to stop. It was THAT good."