Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brewer's pitching is SICK!

A GIFT.  When you are hot things bounce your way and last night was one of those times.  No way does Davis score (5 for 7 with a HR in extra innings this year) if the Cards 2nd baseman DOESN'T touch the ball.

In the last 32 innings that the bullpen has pitched either tied or with a lead, they have given up one earned run and that run came in last night.  That is a 0.28 ERA.  wow.

Oddly if the Brewers were doing worse people would be saying that the Crew were better then expected.  But now that they are 20-7 it's an anomaly.  If the Brewers win this afternoon they will be the first team in MLB HISTORY to win 21 games before May 1st.     

Driving home in DJs car yesterday the tire light goes on indicating a tire is low on the Honda Fit.  Well, I did notice that the car seemed sluggish.  BUT - forgot all about it until this morning and I went out and . . . f*ck, a completely flat back right tire.  YEA - that explains "sluggish".   What pisses me off a little was that no one on the road told me or pointed or whatever.

I always do that.  If I see someone with a flat tire I try to point it out.   One Saturday my buddy and I were driving back to Columbus and a car had a flat ahead of us.  We were pointing and so forth and I think the guy thought we were trying to rob him or something.

Then he made some hand signals and we both pulled over and he expected US to change his tire.   WHAT??   Hey - let's not take this good insemination . . . . . (damn spelling checker) samaritian too far.

So . . I called AAA.  Yea - I could change it myself and probably should right? But we pay $$ to AAA and if a tow truck comes out and changes the tire I figure they must get paid by AAA so I'm helping the economy right?  It's like using insurance BUT, not being penalized for using it.    

Yea - changing the tire would make me feel manly but . . .


This little guy I named Frank is going up in Hydro Street today.   I'm surprised how many comments I have gotten.


I forgot to mention yesterday that if you could pick one day a week to be fully invested in the stock market that day would be Tuesday. The DOW has gained on 20 straight Tuesdays now.


Rain - here are the Columbus rain totals since April 20th

24 hour total ending on

4/20/14- Trace
4/21/14- Trace
4/22/14- 0.33 
4/24/14- 0.30 
4/25/14- 0.25
4/28/14- 0.22 
4/29/14- 1.05
4/30/14- 0.07

That freaking LOW is right over our heads today - if you look up you might see a giant "L". 

The Wisconsin corn crop is 1% planted and farmers are not happy with the rain.  They would rather have a mini drought to get the crops in.  Plus wet soil makes crops lazy.  Crops don't have to put roots down and can lead to difficulties later in the summer as roots will be shallow. Basically you put corn in the soil now and they sit around eating Bon Bons that float by and don't grow roots. . 

Sounds like winter had an adverse effect on grapes also. Wollershine is worrying about a huge loss of vines and reports from NY are the same. 


Google + is dieing.  "TechCrunch reported that Google will start viewing Google+ as a platform rather than a product, meaning it may no longer compete as a social network against Facebook and Twitter."

I'm on Google+  . . . . I think.  sort of like Linkedin - I'm on it?  but don't have a clue how to use it.


So I was checking out the Fall River Chamber of Commerce site and was surprised that Fall River had a battleship. REALLY?  I had never seen this battleship.  How did they get it there.  Does the Crawfish river to to Fall River and if so why don't WE have a battleship.  DAMN YOU FALL RIVER.

Wait . . . . oh, Fall River WISCONSIN is different.

Have a great day!   A sun break this weekend.  

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