Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Give teens a voice. / Brewers Bull Pen / Lorde

A very cool website I frequent every day is call Daily Baseball Data and what I like is being able to see how all the other bullpens in baseball are behaving.

As we all know bullpens account for typically 1/3 of the game pitching-wise and when pens get overworked teams suffer on the back end.

The Brewers pen this year has been outstanding but this last week as really REALLY been tough for the pen, except for the Red Sox and White Sox the Brewers pen is overworked, not from ineffectiveness of the starters but from close games and extra inning games.

The past 7 days the bullpen has pitched basically 3 full games (27 innings), HOWEVER - except for Wei-Chung Wang and Rob Wooten who pitched 4.67 of those innings the bullpen has a 0.80 ERA which is OUTSTANDING.  Their Component ERA* is 1.54 which is still really really good.

*Component ERA (or ERC)= invented by Bill James. It attempts to forecast a pitcher's earned run average from the number of hits and walks allowed rather than the standard formula of average number of earned runs per nine innings. ERC allows one to take a fresh look at a pitcher's performance and gauge if his results are more or less than the sum of its parts.

For those following along . . . . .

PTB = 0.89×(1.255×(H − HR) + 4×HR) + 0.475×(BB + HBP)
ERC = ((((H + BB + HBP)×PTB)/(BFP×IP))×9)*0.75
Now "we" just need to get some clutch hits!

I'm trying to figure out how to get high school people more involved with the city.  One way is to have some sort of High School government organization to attend city council meetings which would probably be hideously boring.

Another way is to form a high school governing body that will meet and discuss what THEY need out of the city. How can we help the young people of Columbus.  Then once a month or when needed they could present their idea to the council. Colville Washington has a Youth Commission that informs their council.  How we can improve THEIR quality of life (not Colville but our youth).

This would help Columbus long term by teaching leadership and how city's work and build future leaders of Columbus. 

Another thing we should do is if have an article written by a High Schooler in the Columbus Journal once a month. Give them a voice. 

Our society is doomed! 

Really?  we need instructions for counting?

I've had this song in my head for two days and it's a GOOD song.  Not like "The Boys Are Back in Town" .   Lorde is so different from any other female vocalists I have heard.  DJ purchased her CD and the whole thing is pretty nice.

This was her performance at the Grammys.  17 years old?  COME ON.
This song just blows me away!

I'm sort of bumbed - While driving home yesterday I was pushing a button on my CD played in teh car and a bump made me hit multiple buttons and now NO buttons work.  The whole thing is frozen.

My manual makes no mention on what do do in this case.
And then there is Milo  - I'm afraid Milo, my cat my buddy, is losing his battle with a brain tumor.  He was/is the James Dean of cats.  Living life for all it's worth.   sigh!  sad.

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