Friday, April 25, 2014

Hyperinflation / Weather - STOP WHINING / An Alderman blog?

I'm a little surprised at the response I'm getting in other venues of my Grackle image.  One comment is "You've captured the spirit of the grackle perfectly!"   

I think that is true - not my GOAL but yea.  They have such strong personalities.

Put this on your calendar - May 15th I'll be in Sun Prairie for their annual Art Walk - each business that participates has an artist and wine! The perfect combination. You go store to store sampling and looking at art. I did this last year and it's a big event and people REALLY enjoy it.   I was sort of surprised and was not expecting that much.  I'll be at Cannery Wine and Spirits.

My very very first art fair was an art walk in Portage which was a complete bomb.  Two days and 50 people waked into the store.

I see S&P has lowered Russia's bond rating to one notch above junk bonds!  LOL  That's funny.   

The Russian inflation rate is at 7% now which is pretty bad. Not as bad as Hungry after WWII though when they went through hyperinflation.

In 1944 Hungry became the battleground between Russia and Germany and most of the countries industry was  ruined. When the war was over there were no jobs and people had no money so the government started printing vast sums of cash and basically giving it away so people could buy stuff.  

Check this out.  If something cost 379 Pengö in September 1944, by January 1945  it cost 72,330 Pengö, 453,886 Pengö by February, 1,872,910 by March, 35,790,276 Pengö by April, 11.267 billion Pengö by May 31, 862 billion Pengö by June 15, 954 trillion Pengö by June 30, 3 billion billion Pengö by July 7, 11 trillion billion Pengö by July 15 and 1 trillion trillion Pengö by July 22, 1946.

You are going to need a pretty big freaking wallet to go grocery shopping.  Inflation doubled every 13.5 hours

In March 1941, 5 Pengö = $1.US,  June 1944 33 Pengö = $1  by May 1946 460 trillion trillion Pengö = $1.

Seems excessive.  

Baseball Prospectus predicts the Brewers will go 69-71 the rest of the summer which will put them finishing in 1st place in the Central Division 1 game better then the Cards.  They have a 62.9% chance of making the playoffs and a 4% chance of WINNING the World Series.

Rickie Weeks is complaining about his playing time.  ummmm  Let's see. He's batting .120 and statistically is one of the worst fielders in the league. Scooter Gennett who is taking his place on the other hand is batting .348, is 8 years younger and is a left handed batter.   Yea - Rickie, you go and complain all you want.

As long as the Crew stay healthy (knock on wood) I see no problems.

Sun Prairie Worthogs had their meeting last night.  One of the larger homebrew clubs in Wisconsin that actually talk about homebrewing (Madison Home Brew no longer talk brewing at all - we were invited to an event and we were the only ones that brought homebrew).

We meet at the 7:00 at the Nitty Gritty in Sun Prairie the 4th Thursday of every month.  If you brew and want to try a huge assortment of what other people produce you are welcome to attend. 


I'll be riding my bike downtown to meetings this summer - are there ANY bike racks in Columbus?  Or are we anti-bike rack community.  I know the Police Station wants one which would be a good place.


I need to get a photo of myself taken today at Walcott Studio so it can go up on the city website - then people can download it, blow it up and throw darts at me.

Keep those cards and letter coming I'm enjoying hearing from everybody.


Weather - enjoy the sun while we have it the next two days - there will be ZERO sun next week just rain from late Sunday to at least Friday and cool, but everybody needs to stop whining about weather.  IT'S SPRING!

Remember back in 1996?  Now THAT was a whining time.  I know - I got married in Las Vegas and when we landed on June 9th it was 100 degrees and with the 1st sunshine in weeks hitting our pale pasty white skins.

Here are the stats from 1996

March -15 days of precipitation, 22 days below average temp,  8 days >10 below average
      5 days >20 below average
April  - 19 days of precipitation, 23 days below average temp, 11 days >10 below average
May -  22 days of precipitation, 25 days below average temp,  5 days >10 below average
June - nine of 1st eleven days below average, 10 of 11 days had rain


Compare that to this year

March -15 days of precipitation, 21 days below average temp, 11 days >10 below average
      4 days >20 below average
April  - 14 days of precipitation, 10 days below average temp, 2 days >10 below average
Does not look so bad now does it.   And remember - one of the most powerful El Nino's is shaping up  for this summer. What does this mean?  It means it's a crap shoot on what it means except it will be significant . . . .whatever it is.    Typically in El Nino years, Indonesia and Australia see below average rainfall, while South America and parts of the United States see much more than usual.

Commodity brokers around the world are now taking this into account.  

Nuff said!

The house seems so empty.  sigh

BTW - I really want to get a spot on the city website for alderperson - that way I can separate my blog with more important and political stuff.  I can separate my two hats.  The irreverent blog and actual serious Columbus talk.   I know that people overwhelmingly wanted me to tell them what is going on in Columbus politics and I would have a much easier time separating the two.