Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I bought a Keurig and regret it.

After our Cuisinart coffee make spilled 2 cups of coffee all over out kitchen counter yet again and after I cleaned the top in soapy water yet again and then cleaned the insides of the coffee maker with viniger yet again we broke down, whored out and purchased a Keurig.

Why? Because Costco had them so much cheaper then Target.

I'll tell ya.  If you like good coffee?  DO NOT BUY A KEURIG.  But if you like generic coffee where you have no control of the flavor but it's quick, get one.

I am totally unimpressed with Keurigs because I have lost the nuisances of what real coffee tastes like and I would never buy one again.  HOWEVER, if you want coffee NOW (which many times is what you really want) it's fine.

The problem is that you have zero control of your cup of happiness. The brewing temperature is 192 degrees when the MINIMUM temperature for a good brew is 197.5 and industry standard for getting the best flavor is 200.  This means you are leaving a lot of the  best flavor in the grounds and why all the coffees sort of taste the same.

You have no control of the coffee to water ratio.  You can have a BIG cup of weak under extracted or a small cup of stronger under extracted coffee. BUT - you can get both FAST.  If you like Folgers coffee, Keurig is for you.

The price per pound of coffee that tastes like Folgers is about $30 now as opposed to $9.50.  For $14 we purchased an insert where we can put our own coffee into it which is what I've been doing to get that generic Folgers taste. 

Of course there is the environmental impact and I read that the guy that developed the KCup said if he had to do it all over he NEVER would have developed it.   Five BILLION KCups were sold last year made of plastic that will take millions of years to degrade and will continue to pile up in landfills. All in the name of low-quality convenience.     

I might get my Cuisinart back from the basement so I can taste real coffee again. I wanted to really like Keurig because it's so trendy but alas, I like good coffee.  I'll will still use the Keurig for a quick, no brainer jolt of caffeine, because it's so easy!

At least I get 2% back from Costco.

I didn't go to the City Council last night.  I think that's news!  LOL  

Our Police Department put out a stern warning to all candidates about breaking campaign laws on Facebook so I thought I had better stay away. They also posted a fake letter which was debunked by Snopes (sigh - shaking my head).

Did I mention it's election day?

Nuff said!