Friday, April 4, 2014

Random thoughts from a random brain in random order of importance

Where is a good place to get Columbus  sweatshirts!  I have nothing red in my closet - go figure.  Badgers and Cardinals are my teams and no red.   I also have no Green and Gold, what is up with that!!!    

I never had any Black Hawk colors either (Fort Atkinson).  And I call myself a sports dude?  I do have Brewer Blue though!  I need to get Crawfish apparel also.  I think they are also red.

Speaking of sports, I have to look into what is happening with disc golf in Columbus. I love that sport, but I think I need to get in better shape.  I went for my 2 mile walk yesterday and got shin splints!  What s up with that!  

Big big weekend coming up . . . . no, not just Bucky but Game of Thrones AND Turn, America's first spy ring on AMC premiers Sunday with everything else.  Glad I can record like 50 things at once.

I had to get my 3 months of HBO again and no can continue to watch Broadwalk Empire.

I gotta stop making jokes about me and Columbus now that I'm official, I just get in trouble. Lesson learned. Have to put on my serious face.

Sort of reminds me of this one from a few years ago.

Brewers - according to FiveThirtyEight the Brewers are #3 when it comes to no one knowing how they will do.  Taking all the talking heads and forecasters into consideration they are  the 3rd biggest unknown.  They are pretty sure to win between 60 to 86 games!  Count on it!

For my Phillie friends - 62 to 85!  It's on buddy, you think you are superior? It's on! :-)

And speaking of MLB umpires and technology. They have tracked every ball and strikecall for 3 years in MLB,  over 1,000,000 pitches and researchers have found that the strike zone expands in three-ball counts and shrinks in two-strike counts. It also shrinks again when the preceding pitch in the at-bat was a called strike. To put it another way, on close calls, umpires are unlikely to call a fourth ball, a third strike, or a second strike in a row.

I have to think it is an unconscious thing that happens and I have no problem with this. Calling balls and strike would be a horrible job and I like that it's not perfect. I have a video game,  MLB The Show and the umpires are actually in the game with ratings and attributes so forth.  I'm not a thumb jocky though.  Any computer game I play is a strategy game, not a thumb twitch exercise game.

I love looking deep into numbers to see what is really happening.  I can't wait for budget time in Columbus.  Why does the Udey Dam keep costing Columbus more and more every year!  Enquiring  minds want to know.

Have a great weekend - GO BUCKY.  GO  JOHN SNOW!!