Thursday, April 3, 2014

So when? is it OK to hit your dog exactly?

Went out for my 2 mile morning walk and as I walked by a house with a St. Bearnard I heard some a dude yell at him (or her) and hit him with a plastic toy thing.  Three times.   Not a vicious hit mind you but one that would certainly make a 6 year old cry and I could hear the impact from across the street.

What do you do?  Yea - the dog was probably rolling in poop as dogs do but I'm not sure ANY kind of hitting is really called for.  Would you hit a child for getting muddy?

The rest of my walk was consumed with this.


So what is up with elections anyway.  Newspapers, TV Stations have no clue how the voting went. I go to the store and people ask me what happened as there is no news anywhere . . . .except WBEV 1430AM website that said

and Rod Mellott (muh-lot) bested Larry Herzog in District Two.
Really? They needed to go out of their way to mispronounce my name?  LOL  Seriously, it's funny and I love it.  I know "I've " never ever made a mistake online!!  If this gets back to them they will apologize but it's really not a big deal.  When I bowled a 299 my name was spelled the same exact way in Madison.  At least it was not Rob Mellott.  I think Muh-lot is a pharmacy, I'm like the baseball player, Mel Ott.

But back to the election.  What has changed from last year so that no one knows who won. My friend that actually puts those numbers up on air that night on Channel 3 did not get results.

And on a last note.  This is going to be a really interesting year in Columbus, might want to tune in to City Council's. 


A friend of mine posted on Facebook  

standing in line at Einstein's Bagels waiting to pay & an employee says "Who was Winston Churchill?" To which another responds, "President of England."
Almost as bad is Canadians thinking Titanic was real.   IT WAS ONLY A MOVIE!!!

SURVIVOR - OMG - what an amazing season this is!  I can't say anything because and the 3 day spoiler limit but every week I stand and applaud at the tribal council and I think this was the 1st time I have ever seen the tribal council applaud at the result.    BOOM!!

Looks like it will be a great weather weekend - just gotta get there!

OH - ever see this shot of my son-in-law I took a year ago?  Was not "Photoshopped" except for maybe sharpening and so forth.


America is changing.  I was watching CBS Good Morning and a recent Gallop Poll say 75% of Americans believe that Marijuana will be legal at some point in the future.

Another weird thing was that when asked if they have ever tried marijuana, we seem to look at people differently that said "no".   54% of the polled support legalization.  There are so many medicinal uses for marijuana.  My dad died of lung cancer which is a hideous way to die and I wish he could have had some as it would have helped him tremendously.

nuff said