Thursday, May 8, 2014

Columbus Council meeting - 1:45 of a 5 hour meeting

Columbus Council meeting - 1:45 of a 5 hour meeting Tuesday night. This part concerns the Grocery Store/Ace Hardware and Anytime Fitness. The problem is not the store but changes that would have ramifications throughout the city in the future decades.

Their argument was Council can always just say NO. But saying NO to a packed council chambers is a very very hard thing to do. If you are a parent you know how hard it is to say NO to a child begging for something that in the long run will be bad. 

When I was running for Council one woman said she hoped I would win because listening to the current council for the past few years was like watching death.  BORING!!    

This is how Councils SHOULD be - questions and answers and questions and answers and finally thinking outside the box to come up with a solution . . . hopefully

But first a closed session - this is what we do BEFORE the meetings.

Columbus Council May 6th 2014 Part ONE from Columbus Wisconsin on Vimeo.

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