Wednesday, May 14, 2014

GO GO Brew Crew

So here is a headline I never thought I would see on CNN.

Clay Aiken wins by 390 votes; rival dead.

And then there is Karl Rove who said this about Hillery Clinton "...she's wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury?"  Of course now that I have mentioned Karl Rove AND Hillery Clinton this is labeled a "leftist" blog by certain developers and their supporters. 

Did someone mention Justin Bieber in the news this morning?  DJ says Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus should get married.  Their kids would be awesome.

Look who is on the cover of Sports Illustrated next week.


I'll be at The Glass Nickle in Sun Prairie tomorrow night with some of my artwork for the Wine Walk, but you can stop in and get a beer and pizza anyway and I will allow you to look :-)

Otherwise - I have nothing - hopefully golf will go better as I SUCKED last week, it's almost like I had not picked up a club for 6 months or something.  My knee is still swollen and my hand still hurts a little but . the game must go on.

OH - Ryan Braun.  I believe all of this steroid stuff that he was taking was not to gain muscle like Barry Bonds but more for healing his seemingly fragile body.  The dude is always pulling something isn't he? Before the shit hit the fan I heard he was taking stuff to heal faster, then all of a sudden all that talk went away.

I think I need what he was taking.

And finally - I was accepted into th4e Agora Art Fair.  One of the better fairs in Wisconsin. Many are now saying better then Art fair on the Square. Not as many people but the talent is fantastic.

Agora Art Fair August 16th  

Later gator