Friday, May 16, 2014

Golf Lesson Learned - can you count?? really? a test!

If everybody gets a trophy, then trophy's are meaningless! 

Since all of our pets have crossed the rainbow bridge in the last couple years we're looking into a new dog. 

Any of you have any experience with Wheat Bred dogs?


And then there is golf.  Two weeks ago was the first night of league at Door Creek and I was atrocious, hideously awful, worst ever.  WTF!!  Yea it was the first week and all but it was like I had never hit the ball before.  First hole I was laying 4 and still 200 yards away from the green!

The whole night was like that and while I did improve over the 9 holes I was only up to BAD.

I spent all week thinking about this (well, a couple days at least) and then Tuesday morning it hit me.

It was my first time wearing my new bifocals instead of contacts.  So last Tuesday I wore my contacts and all was back to normal (at least for a 24 handicap golfer).  I talked to a few other golfers and they said the same thing about bifocals and golf being a bad choice.   


Last night I was a featured artist (as seen on channel 15 in Madison) at the Sun Prairie Art and Wine Walk.  What an outstanding event and Columbus REALLY needs to do this.

I was at newly renovated The Glass Nickle and it was a great time.

Here is how it works.  14 downtown businesses are involved.  Each place has an artist and a red and white wine to sample.  Tickets are sold for $35?? and people walk from business to business checking off their list and sampling wine.  I think there were 250 people last night.  It went from 5:00-8:00 and it's a riot of laughter and fun.

When we were done and packing up  Sun Prairie, even on a cold night was buzzing with people (many tipsy) roaming the streets.  Great for business owners for meeting and greeting and really gave the town a good vibe.  Sampling 28 wines, looking at art and exploring downtown businesses.   Banks were involved and all sorts of stores were open.

Well done Sun Prairie.

The old Glass Nickle was sort of like China One in Columbus. Kitchen and a few tables if you REALLY want to eat there but . . . . you know!   They total redid the place and it looks great, good craft beer and GREAT Pizza.  I asked how many people work on a Thursday night, they have 5 drivers, 5 cooks and about 5 people up front.  Quite an operation for a guy that started as a pizza delivery driver.

Did I mention that I have order pizza from Nepoli's for delivery and 5 times in a row they have gotten the order wrong?  I made a joke on Facebook once when I ordered and yup. WRONG.  Here is the odd thing, I never send it back because the random ingredients are always really good anyway, plus, who is to say the reorder would be correct!

But of you want REALLY god Pizza, best in the Midwest according to reviews  you have to go to Salvatore's Tomato Pies  - LOL I see their menu was updated 4/28/2024 WOW!  They are from the future!

My next event is the Dragon Art Fair June 7th in DeForest.

Do not download the newest FireFox - it does not play well with Google and I wish I had my old Firefox back.

Brewers are tricky.  Carlos Gomez tweaks his back and probably needs to rest a day or so so they decide to not contest (is that the right word?) his 3 day suspension and is now serving it AND resting his back!         

Great game yesterday. Well, the 9th inning was great


Want to be more productive??  It's easy but no one ever does it.  People measure how productive they are by how many things they get done in a day, but normally quantity is not that productive, quality is. 

So what you need to do is do the most important thing in the day FIRST!!  That way every day the biggest thing gets done and THAT is how you become productive.  

Normally people do all sorts of the 4th, 5th and 6th things first and by that time the MOST important thing comes about it could be skipped all together. Plus the longer the day goes on the greater probability that something will come up that all of a sudden, the most important thing is put off until tomorrow.  

All of our lives people tell us things to do.  At work your boss says this and that needs to be done but is it the MOST important thing? Probably not.  We are taught to take action as a reaction of what others are telling us, normally those things are not the most important.

Just sayin - get'r done first

I was listening to John Smoltz the pitcher yesterday, I really like that guy and he said something that is so true.  He was talking about negative thoughts just as if you are golfing and you say DON'T HIT IT IN THE WATER!  Or like when my golfing partner and I made a year long bet on who would NOT hit our tee of into the lake (what a horrible idea that was).

He said it's bad because when you DO hit the ball in the water it's almost like positive feedback to a negative thing when the ball does go in the water.   hmmmm  interesting


I think I broke a tiny bone in my hand.  There is one little area that REALLY hurts if you touch it. 99% of the hand is great but that tiny spot - WOW!  Plus it's still a little swollen.

OH - For Columbus residents!  My fascination with what is flying over Columbus.  Basically if you see any commercial aircraft flying over Columbus towards the north west, it's undoubtedly going to Minneapolis.  But on weekends if you see a BIG aircraft with 4 engines it's going to Anchorage.

I've seen it three times now.  I look up and go, wow, that one is bigger then most of the jets and I look it up, Anchorage. Once from Chicago, once from JFK and I think once from Boston.   


OK - try this on a friend (or try it on yourself)

write down these numbers on a paper, one number per line.  Then cover up all numbers and have someone add each line OUT LOUD as you uncover the next line,  and see what the answer is.


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  1. I heard an interview with the owner of Salvatore's - did you know that the reason we have 'pizza' instead of 'tomato pie' is that when you buy a neon sign you pay by the letter?