Friday, May 2, 2014

Quagmire of problems

While I was tying this I have been keeping an eye on the fed jobs report.  The results?  America CRUSHED expectations! 

Unemployment fell to 6.3% - lowest in 5 years
payrolls added 288,0000 - 70,000 more then expected

Brewers suck - I don't think they will win another game this month.  At least Gomez robbed yet another home run.  OH - I live and die by the Brewers :-) 

Below is The Cloud Index which tracks Cloud technologies.


I visit my dentist for the last time today. Ive been goign to him since the late 70's and he is retiring. THE NERVE!!  Now I need to find another dentist that is MUCH closer to Columbus. 


I've been working on a magazine cover for an upcoming issue.   Here are the rejects so far.

The first one is of Madison which is of course a reject since this is a rural magazine.  You can get this mag at our library, it's a good read.  Lots of interesting articles about rural Wisconsin and the Columbus area. 

this was a wrap around cover.

This one was more fall like and I have better fall images.

I knew this one would not make the cut as maybe it was . . . gawdy and there were other problems but I was fun making it.

I can't show the one that is the leading candidate as it's a surprise.

LocalEben is a magazine published 6 times a year and is created in Beaver Dam. I urge all writers that have something to say to contact them.  A mag by the people for the people.


Every other Friday (almost) is always a day of anticipation as "we" get our council packets late Friday afternoon. We then get to read 60-80 pages of problems over the weekend that need to be fixed or taken care of at the next council meeting.  As City Council members we can only react to what is on the agenda and don't control what gets put ON the agenda. We can suggest, but ultimately it's the Mayor and City Admin that control what actually is put on each agenda.  

And BTW - do NOT listen to rumors that are flying around.  I've heard some pretty outlandish, false and outright lies. Instead, go to or watch the city council meetings before making judgements.  I'm enjoying trying to wade through the many sided issues that seem to have no right or wrong answer.

When I was an IT guy my greatest joy on the job was fixing problems and trying to come up with viable solutions.  
Have a great weekend and remember, if it gets bright outside, it's the sun!