Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another almost satisfied customer - The Square - FAIL!

Everything was going so smoothly until I charged their card $4167.25 by accident!  sigh

I swipe the customers credit card through my Square and THEN enter the price which is $395 and the tax is added . . . . . And nothing happens. My finger touches a zero searching for an ENTER button, something is not right,   BAM.   Accepted. 

Wait . . .what?  $4167.25?  Are you kidding me?

I stare at the number . . . . Umm . . . . My brain has either slowed to a crawl OR is running at break neck speed towards a wall.  I'm not sure which, or both.

Sweat starts to oooz out of the pours of my skin as I stare at the number . . . . SHIT!   But wait . . . . they have not signed it yet.  I know signing does absolutely nothing in real life but. . . maybe????  

I back out of the signing screen and see a cancel so I press it.  But is THAT transaction backed out?  Did it go through?   The customer is on their computer and sure enough, the transaction did go through - FREAKISHLY FAST - wait - and it got backed out already!  OMG 

Lesson learned with The Square - do NOT swipe the card and THEN enter an amount.  I guess I had never done that before! 

ANYWAY - today I deliver a bunch of images to a Parade of Homes house in Waunakee which is a new adventure. 


Anybody seeing Japanese Beetles? Did the harsh winter kill them?  In all my digging I did not see one grub this year! 


Cute kitty picture of the day  - we noticed they were sleeping on a shirt so we went to ShopKo and got a bed and put it next to a window where they play/sleep.    They seem to like it.

And seriously - why would anybody buy a toy for a kitten.  EVERYTHING is a toy.  Their newest fascination is a pencil on the floor - WHAT FUN!!   


The Edge of Tomorrow - one of the worst titles ever for what MOST people say SHOULD be the hit of the summer.  Critics AND people that have seen the movie are all saying  AWESOME FLICK.   According to Flixster 90% of the critics love it and an unheard of 92% of movie goers say its GREAT!  

Yet - it was crushed by The Fault in Our Stars (Shailene Woodley - Divergent). The problem?  Science Fiction and poor marketing.  I know I was not that excited about it.   I do want to see this one though!

"This is the first real original, fun, big action movie of the summer. Tom Cruise stars as an Army Major who works in marketing trying to recruit people to fight against Aliens called Mimics that have invaded Earth.

He is then thrust against his will into combat and has a freak accident that allows him to relive the same day, in which he dies each day. He teams with a soldier(Emily Blunt) , who had suffered from the same thing, to try to find a way to defeat the aliens.

This movie is big, action packed, and a lot of fun. It doesn't take itself too serious and has some real good laughs. The effects are fantastic, although the 3D was subpar. But I saw it in a smaller auditorium, and it seemed dimmer than normal. So I will blame the theater for the poor 3D. Having said that, this is kind of like this years "Pacific Rim". One of the better sci-fi/alien invasion movies I've seen in quite a while. Don't let this one slip under your radar, it's definitely worth a watch!"