Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gotta Love Parliamentary Procedure

Why children of the 70's should be dead - reason #2


Remember when playgrounds were fun? Sure, there was a pretty good chance you’d be scalded by a hot metal slide, or walk away with tetanus, but that’s what memories are made of. The ground wasn’t coated with soft recycled rubber or sand as most are today – they were asphalt. Remember being hurled from a spinning merry-go-round, then skidding across the gravel at full speed? Good times. 
 I remember my school playground had a metal ladder “wall” that I swear went up three stories – it didn’t connect to a slide or anything. It was literally a ladder to the sky. I remember fully believing the oxygen was thinner at the top. One false move and I’d have been a flesh colored stain on the asphalt.
According to the New York Times we are making playgrounds so safe that they actually stunt our kids’ development. So, while blood was spilt and concussions were dealt on the playgrounds of the 1970s, we were at least in a developmentally rich environment – and we had the bruises and scabs to prove it.

Most fantastic two at bats ever last night in the Brewer game.

Things are getting chippy in Arizona.  After the Brewers hit a few batters NOT on purpose the last few nights, Old School manager for Arizona decided it was time to show how tough TheD'backs were.

SO - in yet another close game in the 7th inning after Scooter Gennett had his 5th straight multi hit game and now with runners on 2nd and 3rd and 1 out, Braun comes to bat.  Statistically the BEST way to stop ONE run from scoring is loading the bases (although you risk MORE then one run).

SO - with the crowd booing Braun, Kirk Gibson gives the order to, instead of intentionally walking Braun, just hit the guy.

First pitch goes behind Ryan, Umpire goes out and has a face to face chat with reliever Marshall who said "it got away".

Second pitch goes straight at Braun and hits him in the back.  The crowd goes wild and cheers, the umpire tossed out Marshall who upon arriving at his dugout gets' high 5's all around and fist pumps from the Manager.

Up steps Lucroy, the hottest batter in the NL with one HR already and he takes the first pitch 420 feet to center for a grand slam.  BOOM!   Brewers win.  Arizona gets Tough Guy award, Brewers get the Victory.

When Braun was asked if  Marshall hit him on purpose he responded "You will have to ask him. I wish him all the best and hope he finds peace and happiness in his life".  


I was asked about how the Brewers are doing, and are they just playing .500 ball.  Well from when???

Here is a chart showing the Brewers and the Cards and how the race is going.  This shows games below/above .500.


Very interesting and entertaining City Council last night and like normal it'll take me a day or so to process all that went down and I still don't know if one vote failed or passed because of a weird parliamentary procedure problem which I have emailed the question to a Professor who is the expert.  .

For anyone interested.

We had a quorum.  There are 6 members on Council and 2 were absent, Thom on vacation and Bomcamp who has missed 2 of the last 3.  So we were down to 4.

There were applications for Fermented Beverage Licenses and Aaron, a bar owner felt he needed to abstain.  SO - we voted YES YES YES ABSTAIN.   Now the question is that you need a majority, of 6? of the votes?  An Abstain is a non-vote so there are only 3 members voting which is NOT a quorum.

SO - the email I got from    

In part, it depends on what the voting rule is for this particular measure ... the default rule is a majority (or supermajority) of the votes cast - however, some measures by local rule or statute may require something more than that - as in a majority (or supermajority) of the members present or - even more stringent - majority (or supermajority) of the total membership... but, even more to the point - assuming this is a major action such as an ordinance or resolution or contractual agreement of some sort, it seems the rule coming from the Oconto County ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in the 1870's would apply... that is "a quorum must vote" - in other words, the member who was in conflict is not counted as among a quorum of qualified voters on this issue.. so the measure - if my analysis is right - would not pass under the conditions I have assumed ... check with Claire Silverman to see if she agrees... LEL

p.s. whether the abstention is a vote or a nonvote isn't really the issue under these circumstances but if the person who abstained was not in conflict but just abstained, what happens?? .. a parliamentarian would say that it is a nonvote - but courts have held that an abstention has been legitimately counted both as an affirmative vote and as a negative vote... again, the parliamentarian's position is, in the absence of an outside rule, that the abstention is a nonvote but can have the effect of a "no" vote if the requirement is that a measure requires a majority of the members present or of the total membership... some localities have passed their own rules governing abstentions


One thing about last night will have a financial impact on Columbus residents in the future is the impending sale of the land the school board wanted to buy cheap.  I'm just theorizing from events but it looks like the owner of that land who just wanted to unload it "cheap" for a nice profit will sell it "cheap" to a person who will probably up the price ( as I would) in the future because Columbus will NEED that land.


hmmm - I've never take a tornado break when writing a blog before.  We have a river running down the MIDDLE of the 16 fairway (as opposed to the side).


OH the Library - I did not know that they have e-books.  You can borrow books for your tablet and even stream movies  . . . some how.

When people say library's are a thing of the past the  are normally people who don't go to the library. The Columbus library had a circulation of 16,000 books in May which is about average.