Thursday, June 26, 2014

TURN comes back

The views expressed by this author on this blog are the author's alone and do not represent the views of the city. The author is speaking for himself and not on behalf of the municipality. 

Late last year the Mayor and City Administrator decided to take things into their own hands and removed the Columbus Aquatic Center from under Parks and Rec. Loren was hired as the Pool Manager and would be under the direction of the City Administrator. Because all other Columbus government departments have a public citizen advisory board the Council recommended the Mayor form a Columbus Aquatic Advisory board made up of interested Columbus residents instead of the private CAAC board which the Mayor and City Administrator wanted (June 3rd COWagenda). The Mayor agreed.

BUT - as of yet there has been no movement in this advisory board.  Now it seems the City Council is being blamed for cutting the number of life guards by 20% and the number of concession staff by 50%. WHICH - if you look at the numbers from last year is not a BAD thing but let's give credit and blame to the proper places.  Council has zero say in what happens at the pool.

The reason I voted to have Loren hired and have control taken away from Parks and Rec (without our input) was because a citizen advisory board would be established.  If the public had concerns they could attend the open public meeting.  Now there is no open public meeting.  

For instance - Personally I do not believe that it is a good idea that a time clock has been disposed of and a piece of paper is now used to "punch in and punch out". All you have to do is write in on a piece of paper when you show up and leave.  

If everyone is OK with this, I'm fine.   Just sayin'

I have watched perhaps 10 minutes of the World Cup and last night I had constant dreams of the World Cup - WTF!!!   All I know was that in my dream US LOST 5-1.   Which is ridiculous because there has never been 6 goals in a soccer game in the history of the sport.  1-0 seems to be a blow-out.


TURN has been given a 2nd year.  The Revolutionary War drama about the first spies is an excellent show even though at times I have to put on Close Captions.  Nest season it will be aired just before Hell on Wheels which is a drama about building the Trans Continental Railroad.

I have not seen it yet but Big Brother 16 - the best strategy game show started last night and continues tonight. I had golf last night and home brew club tonight but will have a recap once I see it.

The great thing about this show is watching alliances grow and crumble.  Seriously, if you like strategy games this is a fantastic show.  It's not like what most people think with just people yelling and so forth. It's like the game Diplomacy but every week someone new has power and alliances need to bend and switch and it truly is fascinating.  

Sad news for Survivor fans.  Caleb was killed in a train accident a few days ago.  He was a good guy and I believe the 3rd Survivor contestant to no loner be with us.    I also found put that Survivor is filming right now for the upcoming season and 1 day before the contestants were to depart two were injured in separate accidents and there was some shifting on the producers part.


Just found out ShopKos are closing non-performing stores!  The one in Madison on Aberg just got the ax.

see ya!