Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We CAN prohibit trucks from traveling through Columbus!

Not feeling it today!

HOWEVER - the Columbus Historic Landmarks and Preservation Commission created a WONDERFUL book about Columbus featuring the paintings of Susan Stair and SHOULD be sold in stores (if there was a Visitor Center in Columbus it would be a perfect place). Produced by Alice Schmidt and Suzanne Walcott this is a great piece of work and can be found in PDF form in the link below.

One thing that tweaked my attention was the Badger Car Company which operated from 1909 to 1913.

In 1923 the New York Dry Milk Company built a plant and became part of the Boredom Milk Company. During WWII German prisoners worked in the plant.

When I was looking for images I found some . . . FROM THIS BLOG!  LOL I did some googling and Grinders Island came up from February 2009.

  I will embrace alzheimer's  as everything will be new.

Looking back I see I was investigating how Poynette got it's name and just like Rio is was because of poor penmanship.

Should have been Pauquette.  And Rio should have been Ohio.

Columbus was suppose to be Club Om Us. 

OH in the May 29th blog I was in no way BLAMING the Police Department for letting trucks speed through town. This a BLOG, not an official news gathering organization. sigh!

However - people alway ask about getting rid of trucks in Columbus!  Well . . . . . . . .

349.17 Authority of cities, villages and towns to regulate heavy traffic.

349.17(1)(1) Any city, village or town may by ordinance or resolution designate any street or highway under its jurisdiction as a heavy traffic route and designate the type and character of vehicles which may be operated thereon. A city, village or town may restrict or prohibit heavy traffic from using other streets or highways under its jurisdiction except that it may not place such restrictions on streets or highways over which are routed state trunk highways and may not prohibit heavy traffic from using a street or highway for the purpose of obtaining orders for supplies or moving or delivering supplies or commodities to or from any place of business or residence which has an entrance on such street or highway. Whenever a city, village or town designates any street or highway under its jurisdiction as a heavy traffic route, it shall cause appropriate signs to be erected giving notice thereof.

HOWEVER - 16/60 AND 73 are NOT designated as State Trunk Highways when they enter Columbus!!   So we CAN prohibit trucks from entering Columbus 
hmmmmm - this seems to be a windmill I must chase!    I will get back to you. 

Of course this might have an impact on the 16/60 reconstruction!   hmmmm Build a brand new streetscape OR delete trucks.    I say - build streetscape AND THEN delete trucks :-)   I think we have an opportunity here thanks to Chief Meister!  Thank You.