Thursday, July 10, 2014

Drone Fireworks - Golf and Collage! :-)

Some have asked why I blog.  The answer is that once spelling checkers started evolving I wanted to make sure I wrote something every day.  Growing up dyslectic, words were not something that came naturally, numbers yes, words no.  So it's still a work in progress.

Case in point - my buddy balderdash is always quick to point out blatant errors and while I HAVE been to a collage of colleges (UW-Stevens Point, UW- Whitewater, MATC) I suppose talking about going to a collage you have to wonder if I actually graduated.

Spelling checkers just don't seem to understand meaning, OH, they can correct words but perhaps not as accurate as a human.

As luck would have it balderdash and I golfed together last night and we were paired against each other and he made a point of reminding me of my spelling faux pas.

I kicked his ass (although I believe his two Bloody Mary's before the round might have helped).

I won low net in the league - whoo hoo!  Which got me thinking - I've been hot "net-wise" meaning I must have sucked before I got hot.  (Net is my score after my handicap is subtracted).

So I went back and tallied up my last 97 scores which I just happen to have on a spread sheet.

Kiss of Death golf chart
Seems I have been on a hot streak - of course the golf gods will see this and strike me down very soon.


I need advice - a very good friend of mine lost her dog in a farming accident last Sunday.  An adorable little dachshund.   I'm going to get something going from our home brew club as she owned a store in Sun Prairie that helped us out a lot.   BUT - what can we get for $50ish ???   


I swear Iggy loves music.  Sofie, not so much but whenever I have music Iggy is near by and very loving. I just wish Iggy would stop being a suckle submarine with Sofie.  He's like a diver on a high dive and just "jumps in" at night.  Sofie seems to like it but . . . . it's disconcerting in the middle of the night when they are beside you.  He will grow out of this right? 


Better mow lawns today - gonna be humid this weekend.  


if you have not seen this - Fireworks taken with a GoPro on a drone!  awesome


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