Thursday, July 17, 2014

Eggs / Comcast

Did you know that in Europe they do not store eggs in the refrigerator?  If you go grocery shopping they are on the same shelves as the canned goods.  In fact they never ever refrigerate their eggs. 

How can they do this?  

Different philosophy.

In Europe they do not want any water touching their eggs.  Out of a chicken an egg shell is impervious to salmonella and all the other bacteria.  Washing wash's off the cuticle which is a coating on the outside of the egg and once that is gone a drop of water creates a highway into the egg.  

Also by taking an egg out of the cold refig air condenses on the egg  . . .forming water drops!  

Another thing different is that in Europe chickens are vaccinated against salmonella.

Here in the US eggs are covered in poop and they wash the eggs which are now cleaned and refrigerated.  In Europe, they are brushed off  and put on shelves. 

Salmonella poisoning in Europe, in 1997 was 14,771 cases,  in 2009 . .  582.  

Yesterday while I was typing my rant blog about all that is wrong with the world and how I disagree with people in Columbus that are afraid of change, which disagreeing is not a bad thing , do you want a government full of YES men (people?)  I think the only person I have not disagreed with yet is Michael Clark on the Council.  Everybody else is fair game  LOL      

ANYWAY - I got a call from Jenny.  "HELP, Sydney and I are stuck in the BP car wash we can't get out and their receipt does not have their phone number".  I replied with a  "What?"
Sydney and Caydence 

And she explained that the door would not open and they could not get out.  

After I cleaned up the coffee that came out of my nose I called BP and she and Sydney were able to get out WITH a free car wash coupon.   

On a side note people ask how the kids are doing.  Caydence will enter kindergarten this fall and Sydney who is 3 REALLY looks out for Caydence.  I mean it's so awesome to have a little sister that is so protective of Caydence.  


Comcast - not sure if you have heard this customer service call between a Comcast Customer and a Cust rep.  The Customer wants to cancel!   This is an EIGHT minute phone call. Listen to this for a few minutes to get the idea.

Here is the reason Comcast does this.

If you call Comcast to cancel you are forwarded to a special department and the Customer Rep in THAT department DOES NOT GET PAID if they can not get 75% of the cancellation people to NOT cancel.

WHOA!!!!   And I thought Sirius Satellite, radio that I tried to cancel, was bad (They just hung up on me 5 times) "What what you are fading Mr. Melotte  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"  FIVE times and I was on a land line.

Personally Charter and DIRECT TV reps have been great the last few times I called.

Have a great day.