Monday, July 21, 2014

Fury and Misery - NO NO NO NOT ME!!

The Lake Mills Art Fair was a success.  My 27th art fair and my 6th best. This year I've had my 6th and 11th best art fair. The big winner this year was this image

 But the one image that was most fascinating was a photo of a butterfly that a professor was just going nuts over.  He explained it was only 2 or 3 hours old and had had a run in with a bird already and explained about his defense and how it probably had not eaten and yada yada.  Now I gotta find it's file.

The other shot that people really love was of Jester

I won my 4th ribbon which I refuse to wear proudly.  They are just gaudy! I want a medal.


 Putin - "Let's calm down and stop pointing fingers" (at ME).  Yea - well, we don't get the see the Kremlin panic too often but it is certainly panicking NOW!  Russia has a problem it cannot solve by finding a scapegoat that will disappear with lead to the head.

There is so much evidence that Russian backed rebels with a BUK anti-anti missle downed the airliner and in fact there no seems to have been a battery of the BUKs and these things are not something a normal human can operate.  These are big boy toys that only a professional team of solders can operate, not a lone rebel with a twitch trigger finger. The Russians have been caught red handed and my feeling is is the beginning of the end of the conflict over there.

The reason is all of a sudden the entire world is up in arms and pointing fingers and they are 100% correct. This has gone from your normal acts of terrorism to an actual war and is going to severely hurt Russia and even though Russian propaganda is going strong it seems the Russian people knowwhat is going on (you truly gotta love social media).


I'm not sure where I originally saw this but there is an app or a piece of software that really helps your eyes and it was tested on baseball players.  It helps seeing detail such as the spin of a 95mph fast ball where you have 400 milliseconds to figured out the spin of the ball and the results were sort of amazing.

In an article published in Current Biology the software improved vision my 31% and in some of the players their vision went from 20/20 to 20/7.5.

The key is that it's not actually your eyes but your brain.  Your eyes see a LOT of stuff but your brain only processes a small amount. It exercises your visual cortex.  It seems neuroscientists  are pretty excited and if THEY are excited I gotta try it.

It's called UltimEyes and many reviews of the APP are poor but the desktop version are all thumbs up.  So I'll download it later today and start the process, maybe I can find my golf ball better as I seem to be losing them in wide open spaces (net 35 last week, still going strong).  I'm glad I can't hit a golf ball 300 yards - I'd never find it.

I'll keep you updated

There is an index that does pretty well in forecasting bear markets - it's called the Misery Index which is found by adding the unemployment rate to the inflation rate.

We're fine!


Wasn't there a comic book called Sgt Fury?

Brad Pitt has a movie coming out that looks pretty good if you are a WWII kind of guy.  The last WWII movie totally sucked - OK the last FEW, Monuments Men was horrible and Stalingrad, while I didn't see it had hideous reviews but this one looks pretty good.


Keep cool the next few days!


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