Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jones Dairy Farm Reacts To My Short Sausage Complaint

I was contacted by not only Jones Dairy Farm but Costco, both concerned about my findings.  Jones's will reimburse the entire amount for my 3.5 pounds of short sausages, Costco just thanked me.

When I was a kid in high school I used to play and get in lots of trouble with Rick Jones, I never really knew where he was on the Jones family tree but being a Jones in Fort Atkinson I figured he was somewhere attached. 

I tied for low net in golf last night with a scrambling net 35.  I hit the ball great unless I hit it very poorly. When I DID hit the ball very poorly my next recovery shot was surprisingly good.  My team is still in 1st place and the peloton has not caught us yet.  


I have some great shots of my garden that I need to get out of my camera.


WORST BAD BEAT IN POKER HISTORY (maybe) happened in the World Series of Poker. Connor Drinan drew pocket aces and had a 2% chance of losing the hand pre-flop, the problem was Cary Katz ALSO drew pocket Aces.  There was a 96% chance the two would split the pot.

But it all started to go south on the flop 

Still, there is only a 5% chance of two more hearts flopping. 

hmmmmm - now it's a 20% chance of one more heart flopping 

So long one million dollars 


My favorite class in college was Economics so when something pops up on my radar I feel the need to obsess over it to find the real facts. 

In the last city council you might have heard a lawyer explaining how Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) has changed in the last few years and how they are good for towns. This is 100% bull shit.  They have not changed at all and are horrible for towns in the long run.  

TIFs are GREAT for politicians and city leaders but in the long run they give you short term cash and pride at the expense of long term debt and are horrible for the citizens of the towns. I won't get into it at the moment but I've been to a seminar or two and have researched TIFs and they cost towns money in the long run and their Return on Investment (ROI) is negative.  OH - they are great for politicians because they make it LOOK like they are creating jobs and business BUT, at the cost of it's citizens down the road (we are talking 30 years down the road). 

TIFs are like giant decades long ponzi schemes where you pay the piper 30 years down the road and the politicians are long gone by then.  If you want to build a business, don't screw over the citizens by giving un-needed tax breaks to the wealthy. Do it like it's been done for thousands of years that has worked great.  I've said too much already. 

Just an opening salvo. Sorry.    



The Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers play the first NFL game of the year Thursday Sept 4th and for Packer fans that being the 1st game is good news.  Seattle is REALLY good.  Best to get that game out of the way early before the Seahawks get rolling. 

The Seahawks are looking at a dynasty.  Of course every Superbowl winner is looking at a dynasty but the Seahawks might actually do it. Why?  Teams that win SBs normally ARE positioned to win more, in fact 55.9% of the time if you win one you will win one more in the next 10 years. 

However - looking at last years schedule, of all the SB winners they had the 6th toughest schedule (1996 Packers had the 4th hardest of all SB winners).  But what is setting Seattle apart is their youth which was the 2nd youngest in the league last year which ranks 3rd youngest in all SBs.

11 of the 12 youngest SB winners went on to win one more SB in the next decade while 4 of the oldest 12 won one more. 

just sayin.

The Hall of Fame changed it's rules for getting into it (is that a complete sentence?).  Instead of 15 years you to try now you only get 10 years.  In theory it is designed to exclude the Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens type PED players. 

I won't go into this but I personally think that PED players SHOULD have some area in the Hall of Fame. The Hall is a museum of baseball history.  They should be included, maybe in a separate room or something with large * but just ignoring them is trying to delete history.

But what I found amazing is this, Gil Hodges, Roger Maris and Tommy John are NOT in the Hall of Fame.  WHAT????    Mickey Lolich, Dave Parker are not either?  What up!!  


OH - baby sitting yesterday - I survived but just barely.  Let's just say that the kids were VERY active. ----------------------------------

Ale and Arts this Sunday (one of the very worst days of the year for me to have an art fair) next to City Hall.  I have special 8x10ish and slightly larger canvas prints of Columbus. Get them while they're hot. Next to City Hall. 

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