Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Pizza Place in Columbus - Hydro Street

In case you are wondering - Columbus has received 1.25 inches of rain this month and THAT is why you have not mowed your lawn lately.


WELL - I'm glad I looked up Columbus Connects on Facebook as I was misinformed about a meeting tonight (or I was just not paying attention which is always a possibility)

5:00 - 7:00 pm: The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is hosting a public information meeting at the Columbus Community Center, 161 N. Dickason Blvd. The meeting is to present information on the improvements planned for State Highway 16 and the intersection with State Highway 60 in 2016. This is not related to the State Highway 16/60 (James Street) project slated for 2017. If you have any questions or concerns related to development of this project, you are encouraged to attend. If you cannot attend, you are asked to contact either Gary Sassman with DAAR Engineering at (608) 229-1446/email: gary.sassman@daarcorp.com, or David Pilon at WisDOT, at (608) 245-2622/email: david.pilon@dot.wi.gov. 


Hydro Street as scraped the majority of their menu and is now serving Falbo Bros Pizza out of Sun Prairie (home of 16 pizza joints).  I was driving through SP yesterday and saw Falbo Bros and stopped in and had a couple slices and  . . pretty darn good.  

Hydro has like a Papa Murphy's fusion going on.  Falbo cooks the crust halfway and adds fresh toppings then sends the pizza's to Hydro for further baking on demand.  Last week Hydro went through over 100 of the 12 inch thin crust pizza loaded with toppings. Stop by and check out the new pizza place in Columbus.

Watched The Grand Budapest Hotel last night - hmmmmm - very odd movie, I'm not sure what to think about it.  Fixter people LOVED it at an 87% range - very artsy and the trailer is a little deceiving.  Lots of stars getting less the 30 seconds screen time. Still  I suppose quirky would be a word I could use.  Funny in a chuckling kind of way.  It did seem like a long 1:39 minute movie. 


I see MG&E and WE want to increase their monthly overcharge rate for every customer and then lower the electricity rate per Kilowatt which would remove the incentive to have solar energy. 

Just sayin' 

It seems not many people in Columbus want solar power from what I hear. WHAT??  you say?  

Go to this link to read about solar coming to Columbus - MAYBE - if enough people are interested. They need to know!

Columbus Water & Light    

One thing I was thinking about last night is this - it says

 "The estimated share price will be about $500. The electricity produced by one share will provide the owner with a utility credit equivalent to a 4% to 6% annual interest payment."

  What I wonder is will inflation help?  Will 4 to 6% be worth more in 15 years?  of will it always be 4 to 6% of that $500.


Brewers - STILL 63% chance for the playoffs, Cards 60.4% and Pirates 49.5%, Cubs 0.0%.

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