Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the ol' vote of confidence

I'm not sure what facts I got wrong in yesterdays blog as I did not actually have any facts to begin with - more of a question about R2D2 and his little friends waiting for the mother ship.  I wanted to compliment whoever planted the planter. 

Fascinating City Council last night and a L O N G one - another 4 hour session and we still did not talk about everything. 

Representatives of the Chicago Transit Authority were in attendance talking about a lease for the Auditorium and I was confused for a little while but then I realize, wait, I recognize these people, OH! , the Columbus Theater Association (wrong CTA) and then things started to make a little more sense, whew - thought I was having a stroke. 
The problem seems that the CAC (one of two CAC's in Columbus?) needs to voluntarily give up the $1 lease for the Auditorium and they need to do it QUICKLY - no more stonewalling because this highly energetic group needs to get things down.  I mean seriously -  time is literally running out for the CTA.

One  reason for the rush, besides scrapping the project entirely is that in August two renowned cellists happened to have an open date due to a cancellation and have agreed to give a concert in the Auditorium and tickets and publicizing need to be sold and done. 

In other news - A repeal of the demerit point system will be up to a vote next council.

There is a big bill coming Columbus-way because of new phosphorus requirements to the tune of 2.5 to 4.5 million. So any of you pouring your phosphorus down the drain - STOP-IT.  

If you want to reserve a park shelter for a big party you now can . . at a nominal fee.  You could not actually reserve a park shelter before. 

The entrance to Pic-N-Save/Kwik Trip/stop Lights!   Interesting study was done and the average LONG wait people had at the light was 40 seconds.  Some people will say that is wrong but I've seen other studies and 1 minute is a very very long time to wait.  The new configuration of that area will cut the wait time in half.  

There will be a listening session  July 31st at the Library for all citizens of Columbus to come and voice their opinions to Counsel members.  Get your picture next to the aldermen of your choice for free (no spoiled fruits or vegetables will be allowed on site).  

The biggest news is Paul the Attorney said I was "OK".  Sadly while that pleased me and confirmed to myself that I was adequate, the rest of the council and citizens in attendance laughed which is making me think that this was just a clever ruse, the ol' vote of confidence before "I" get repealed.

Stay tuned.