Monday, July 28, 2014

USS Indy / Graph TV

BRRRR it's cold out.  Bring on summer.

There is a ultra cool website you have to check out called Graph TV. This site takes all the ratings from  each episode of a TV show from the IMDB database and graphs them.  It's interesting to see shows rise and fall.

Seems the shows I LOVE that get canceled are always up the upswing.


Father in law is home from Indianapolis and it seems he had a great time - especially since he was treated like Royalty.

When they arrived in the airport in Chicago they had given out thousands of flags to everybody and the same in Indianapolis.  On the plane the captain announced there was a very special traveler and then they were escorted by police car to the Hyatt.

"All rather embarrassing" he said.

BUT - in Indy when ever Mel and guest had free time and they went to any restaurant and tried to pay - Nope - this is on us!

The first concept video/trailer was introduced for the Band of Brothers style series that he was interviewed for.

I'm getting ready for an Art Fair blast, 3 fairs in 14 days will stress my logistics.  Arts & Ale this Sunday Aug 3rd, Paoli the the next Saturday Aug 9th and my superbowl The Agora Art Fair in Fitchburg Aug 16th.

Something new that came up is I'll have my works in gallery at The Workshop in Columbus in October. I'll have more on that as I get more information. I do know that there will be an opening on a Friday night where they will allow me to "mix" with the public.


It's all I got

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