Monday, August 11, 2014

A weekend was had

Got my check from Jones Dairy Farm. I feel RICH!!!  ($11 large).

The Paoli Art Far was a success. Beautiful setting and it was my 12th best out of 39 Art Fairs but you have to account for the size and how much a fair costs to get into.  Still #12 was good enough for me to return next year.  This was one was on the bubble.  In fact DeForest was on the bubble this year also but it past the test.  Hopefully next year I will have less fairs but bigger fairs.  It all depends if I'm excepted or not.

OH - setting up was a little stressful.  Bees.  Where my canopy was going to go, or more specifically where DJ was going to be all day there was an underground hive of wasps!  NOT the most relaxing thing to have.

They nuked the hive but it didn't work.  We moved another 5 feet away and did not disturb them and they did nit disturb us! We played nicely with each other.   

In October I'll be the featured artist at The Workshop so I'm making plans for that. There will be a school trip day where I'll give demonstrations.  I wish I had a real laptop as it would really come in handy.  Might have to used my desk top computer instead.

Otherwise my weekend was pretty filled with the art fair and then chillaxing on Sunday with Elwood who broke my science drinking glass.  sigh.  I guess they are NOT impervious to breakage. 

BUT - what can ya do. 


Doing some tree trimming today with our birch trees. The "problem" with birch is that branches do not grow - UP.  So if you have a branch that is hanging too low it will always hang low, it will just grow thicker and thicker.  But then the good thing is Heritage River Birch have such outstanding bark that cutting the lower branches expose's the beautiful bark.  

Our neighbor across the street is a Permaculture expert and are doing some creative lawn  . . . growing. They have clumps of Oxalis stricta which is also called Yellow Woodsorrel and normally is called a weed but . . .what IS a weed.  All parts are edible and I have eaten in a little and it's very tasty,  just grab some leaves and pop them into your mouth. Kind of tangy but full of awesome nutrients with HUGE amounts of Vitamin C.  In fact they might find me on their lawn munching a little for a snack.

They are used as thirst quenchers and can be added to salads an can be made into something like lemonade.  Some people love it and some believe it's a weed.  I like it and think it's darn pretty . . . . but I still pick it out of my gardens.

The thing is that it does block out other bad looking weeds and is known as a nitrogen fixer which is great for lawns.

Did I hear that the Minnesota Vikings are going to retire Favre's jersey THIS year to beat Green Bay?

Did you know that Bangladesh has more people living there then all of Russia?

In 1958 an Air Force jet collide with a B-47 over Georgia. The B-47 was carrying a hydrogen bomb (not cocked I guess) and the pilot was so scared he dropped the bomb.  It's never been found.

Cleopatra, lived, years-wise closer to Pizza Hut then the pyramids.

Finland is North Korea are separated by one country.

Bayer commercialized heroin in the 1890s as a cough remedy, it was banned in 1924 by the FDA. Yet another time when government stepped into our affairs to save ourselves.  


This is what your brain looks like after a 20 minute walk.

Once again proving that exercise is bad for you!


I made 5 fun wagers. One was against the Packers.  There are 5 teams who's coach hates winning in preseason.  So I said I BET none of those teams will go 4-0 and will chase each team to lose.  I figure I can make 5 easy units.

3-2 so far.  Atlanta and New Orleans both won (which means I lost) but New England, Green Bay and Cincinnati all lost (so I won).  

OK - gotta run and do some quicky ordering of prints - Next Saturday is the Agora Art fair - my superbowl of art fairs.  If you have not been down to Fitchburg it's a wonderful fair with a ton of talent.  I've heard many say it's better then Art Fair on the Square.   E.Cheryl Parkway  10:00 to 5:00.

See Ya!


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