Friday, August 8, 2014

Anytime Fitness, well, Sometime Fitness

I've been asked a few times about Anytime Fitness and what is up with those guys and why is their building not up an functional. I think all should redirect those questions to the developer who makes promises he can not keep. Remember when the City Council was put under the gun in late April because the developer NEEDED to get councils OK to get "shovels in the ground" because they had a drop dead date of November 5 to have Sentry up an running.

They had also promised to have Anytime Fitness up and running by August 1st.

The city did everything WE promised, we did our job. Now it sounds like Anytime Fitness will open MAYBE in January? It's almost like you can not trust this developer at his word. Just my personal opinion. I expect to be buying groceries November 5th as he promised. LOL 


Yesterday we had our annual golf/brewer game with friends and a great time was had by all.

My hot streak in golf came to a crashing end as I had on of my 5 worst 9s in the last 103 rounds and I had to deal with adversity for more the a couple holes.  BUT - what does not kill you will only cripple you and I hope this does not carry over to league, one week to go. 105 was disappointing but I was freakishly tired, probably under hydrated and my swing got lazy. Lost a good number of balls in those 4 holes.

Luckily Balderdash (the small character in front of me in the photo) added some comic relief on the very last hole as he was taking a "short cut" to the green and Network (blue dude on the right who is responsible for putting election results on Ch3 news) said "He's going to hit that truck". and I look up and there is this shiny red pickup driving up the driveway and Balderdash's ball traveling on an intersecting path.

BAM - ball hits truck who does not slow and ball caroms back towards the green.  Of course Network and I are in stitches.

Oddly the 3-some behind us in our party also added some comic relief  as Adubya (the man back from the dead and moving back to WI) is also taking the "short cut" and  eyeing up a tough shot over a tree and I say "He will never make that shot".  A mighty swing and TAUK!! Hits the tree.  Now he is in a worse spot and is eyeing the 160 yard shot and I say "He will never make it over the sand".

His next shot was from the sand. I felt good because he is a very very good golfer (his driver costs more then my entire bag) and I can't laugh at him too often.

Anyway - the Brewers won and a great time was had by all.


Where were you 40 years ago today. I know exactly where I was.  I was working at a furniture manufacturer in Jefferson and putting a cambric on a couch when Nixon came on the radio and resigned.


Tony Plush - I was wearing my Tony Plush t-shirt yesterday who in real life is Nyjer Morgan and a few people asked about where he is now.

I was actually playing for Cleveland in the beginning for the year as their starting CF and was hitting .341 and people loved him.  BUT, he hurt his knee and went on the 60-day disable list. He came off last week and they released him.


Enough banter - I have to prepare for an Art Fair in Paoli and run to Madison to have my new receiver installed. I'm so tired of Z104 I now drive in silence.


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