Monday, August 25, 2014

City Council does ALS Challenge, Brewer game, Lewis House

Working backwards in the weekend 

DJ is home today and as we are dozing peacefully listing to the rumble of thunder in the distance and the cats are playing  . . TICK    BAM   HOLY CRAP !!  it's like we were electrocuted with sound, that cats were not seen for a while and we decided it was time to get up to see if the house was on fire.  

Sunday DJ and I attended balderdash's Brewers Twins Birthday Bash (BTBB) and we stopped the Brewers losing streak. 

Of course we had to have a couple jello shots and here is DJ (in yellow) making sure that her permanent record will show she is unsuited for another job if she ever looks for one (once every 33 years she looks for a new job).

But then the jello shots must have helped her brain power as she correctly picked the order of  ALL FIVE SAUSAGES in the sausage race and won $30.    

Saturday many Columbus government people were invited for an event at the James Taylor Lewis House (9th Governor of Wisconsin)  for drinks and so forth and three of the City Council were there, Patrick the City Admin, Dave the new Econ Director and none of the Planning Commission and of course Alice Schmidt the unofficial town historian. What an amazing place that is.  Mark and Kathy Garwick own it and while they do not live in it that have really done a lot of work on the home and have some big plans that will REALLY help Columbus economically, if the Planning Commission and City Council can figure out a solution.  

At the moment ordinances do you allow this 160 year old historic house full of Columbus memorabilia to be a business but their vision is to make the house a vibrant part of Columbus by offering this as a wedding destination.  Sounds odd but they are getting many many inquiries for this. This would not be a small operation but a real business / tourist attraction.  There would be security humans and security cameras and the real deal. 

The one problem is ordinances do not allow parking for this (even though American Packaging has parked there).  They had one wedding that they bused people in and it was a huge success.  


Then Friday the City Council was challenged to the Ice Bucket test thingy.  The original plan was to have  buckets of ice dropped on us from about 15 feet from the pavilion balcony  . . . . but then since we would need to call LifeStar how about this!!

For some reason the audio did not come across and I'll work on that - plus I'm finding it hard to email the entire clip - but here is the good part  :-)

Have a great Monday!  

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