Friday, August 1, 2014

Council Listening Session

My receiver on my car died  . . sort of.  I had my car stereo installed by AMS like 10 years ago and all of a sudden none of the buttons work except for the volume and the CD player.  After spending a week trying to get a hold of Customer Service at Pioneer I finally got through and they said I should try unplugging it and plugging it back in - sigh!  

Well, I did that and not only did I lose all of my settings on the equalizer so I have no use for my subwoofer anymore but now I seem to be stuck on Z104.  After driving to Sun Prairie and back with Z104 I want to put a nail gun in each ear as I can not unhear that music.  All I have is Charli XCX in my brain and I believe it is eating or perhaps rotting it from the inside. She is nothing like KORN at all! 

HOWEVER - I ordered a new receiver and it cannot get here soon enough.  Does anybody know a good installer?  I have American cash. 


I attended the highly successful City Council Listening Session last night and it was well attended, in fact almost a packed house.  I talked about something like this a year ago and maybe we can expand on this a little. Overall it seems "we" are doing a good job and there were few complaints . . .about US! 

Not only were 5 of the 6 active Council members in attendance but a few city officials were there along with perhaps 10-12 interested citizens and it was a great time just talking about STUFF.  If we can somehow parlay this into a bigger event next time with more that wold be great.

We talked about the deer park, the Police Department, Ambulance Service, Roads, Water and Light and Sewer charges, Solar Farms, trucks, business development and there was a ton of information gathered for all concerned.  Having a meeting like this in an informal setting was great and I believe it helped the city tremendously. 

Many times meeting are so formal that ideas do not flow.  I hope we have more of these.    
PLEASE - if you are at all interested in Solar power for Columbus download and fill out the survey (which I have yet to do and will immediately)  - it's important. 

This is just to see if anybody is interested. There are many questions but should the city move forward??? 


Ale and Arts Sunday and I am hoping my B17 image arrives today - it's huge, 4 feet long. 

Have a great weekend.  

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