Friday, August 22, 2014

Ice Buckets

It's so much easier sometimes to talk about the negatives and I am as guilty as the next guy!  More on this in a second.

But first - UNCLE KELLY NEEDS YOU!!!   There are a number of committees that need to be filled in Columbus. Where are concerned citizens when you really want them.  First of all the Columbus Aquatic Center Committee and I'm sure you all saw the big ad in the Columbus Journal asking for people to fill this committee.  What?  you didn't?  Yea - it was hidden in all the other public notices that no one ever reads.  BUT - they do need volunteers.  

The next committee is the Mayors new Columbus Tourism Committee - this should be a fun one where you get to divvy out about $20,000 to groups asking for help in marketing and you get to help in forming this new group.

And third is the CDA who need two new members. I'm on the CDA and it's purpose is to help create a vibrant business atmosphere.  My personal belief is that we need to focus not on what is happening NOW in downtown Columbus but what can we do that will create a new vibrant downtown after the 16/60 reconstruction and how can we help businesses during this reconstruction.

Personally I believe our empty buildings are a bonus, an opportunity to grow. If we put all of our efforts into filling the buildings NOW what happens when new shops, less the 2 years old are hit with 50%+ less business during the summer of 2017!  We need to position ourselves for AFTER the downtown horror.  Hit the ground running, be ready for Columbus version 2.

Just my thoughts!

The city council was challenged to take the ice bucket challenge and  my problem is that from what I see it's more personal publicity then actual caring for ALS.  I bet most people who take the challenge only vaguely know what ALS is.  That has been my beef with this.  Let's pour cold water over our head, mention ALS and feel good about ourselves.

ALS is Amyotrophic lteral Sclerosis a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. You get it, you die. 100%  There is no known cure and before this challenge not a lot of money was being spent on finding one.

What happens is that the  motor neurons in your body degenerate, they can no longer send impulses to the muscle fibers that normally result in muscle movement. Symptoms of ALS include increasing muscle weakness, especially involving the arms and legs, speech, swallowing or breathing and then you die.  Period.

There is ONE drug that slows the progress and that is all.

This ice bucket challenge that started about two weeks ago has raised donations from 1 million to 4 million so while I whine about people doing it for the wrong purpose . . . . . it has helped bring awareness to this horrible condition.

So - I will take this challenge but I'm not going to challenge others, that I feel is almost bully-like. You are forcing people to so something they might not want to do.  Isn't that bullying?   HOWEVER - it should be fun.

I've been in contact with 2 other alderpersons and we are all down for this if we can get the logistics going. But along with getting ice bucketed - I will also donate.

If you decide to take the challenge - do it on grass.  America is dumping millions of gallons of clean water down the drains and using energy to make ice cubes for this.  At least do it on grass.

OH - on that note of unintended consequences.

We have all heard that more and more cars in the future will be so much safer when they drive themselves.  Here is a problem. Donated organs that save people lives normally come from car accidents! There will be a serious lack of gently used organs in the future!  

In other news - Hell On Wheels - that magnificent western on AMC is one of the best shows on TV and available on Netflix.

THIS JUST IN - My wife in DOC is in lockdown

RAIN this month

24 hours ending
8/02/14  0.10
8/05/14 0.95
8/12/14 0.88
8/17/14 0.38
8/19/14 0.64
8/22/14 0.37

Iggy always helps me write my blog -he has quadrupled in size in 3 months

We had our AC on once this year - looks like we might have to crank it up later today once the sun comes out!   People are so afraid of sweating which is very good for you!  I like fresh air. Not stale AC air.

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