Monday, August 18, 2014

Tony LaRussa and Cod Pieces,

WELL - I see I need to say more controversial things to get my readership up!  ;-)  I've become a boring politically correct politician (I loath politicians).  I knew this would happen.  I'm more dangerous (to myself) outside of office.

Agora Art Fair was excellent.  I knew the one problem was that with booths literally going over the horizon that when some one said they would come back to purchase I knew they would never make it back . . . unless they circled the globe.  

I could have sold my State Street 16x48 twice but I only had one. The image below is from a lull and once again I heard a number of times that the talent was better then Art Fair on the Square (which I am applying for next year, we shall see if I make the cut).

Nest stop - The Workshop in Columbus for a month.


Did I mention that our last July was like the 11th or 13th coldest July on record (I can't remember which one it was).  I mention this because HERE COMES THE HEAT!  Should be in the lower 90's this coming weekend.  WHOO HOO!!!


BEER - I tried by Bavarian Dunkleweiss for the first time and OH MY!!   It's a thirst quencher for sure.  I was a little worried at first as it did not put a BURST of flavor into my mouth but a 22oz bomber with 6% alcohol hiding near the bottom of the bottle was gone before I knew it.  Yummo!!


Brewers light blue, Cards red Pirates dark blue

Where are all of those Brewer naysayers now.  "OH, we will see where they are at the All Star Break"

Yea - sweep the Dodgers In LA BABY!   The Brewer starting pitching in the last 25 games have an ERA of 2.50 and the bullpen is getting much needed rest.

The Dodgers are a team that brings me this weird feeling.  Some people have the Yankees and pinstripes but for me the Dodgers.  

Speaking of bullpens.  Jonah Keri had a good article on bullpen usage and how it's been changing over the years thanks to Tony LaRussa.  The interesting thing is that in the last 30 years the number of innings has risen about 1/2 inning per game but the actual number of pitchers used has gone up dramatically from 2.58 per game to 3.92 per game.  At the same time bullpen effectiveness has seen a dramatic rise.  Bullpens are no longer where poor starters go like in the past.


OH - my football Confidence League is looking more players.  It's where you have a set of NFL and College games and rank each game 1 to 25 (or whatever) .  Contact James at 
if you want to play, $50 for the year (payable later) with weekly $20 winners and I believe top 2 pay. This will be my 8th year so it's been around for a while.


47 years ago yesterday Woodstock came to an end.  I did not know that Santana was basically an unheard of band when they played.  Their first album was not out yet.

Jethro Tull's, Ian Andersaon did not want to attend because " he did not like hippies and other concerns including inappropriate nudity and the money being right." 

Well, for a guy that wore a cod piece in concert I find that odd.

A side note - there was absolutely zero violence at Woodstock. Not one reported fight or incident and one police officer in attendance said he believe this could be attributed to one thing.  Marijuana.      

BTW - my very first concert was Jetho Tull, the Aqualung tour.  I found out that a friend of mine from Public Enemy days, the Wood Fairy, was also attending his very first concert at that show.


After I hang up here I'm going to look into some new software called LastPass which is an automatic password manager.  GUILTY!!  Yea - I have the same password for a number of things and it is really quite stupid.  

I believe CHANGING a password every few weeks is stupid and a time waster. I mean if you are a car thief and find keys are you going to wait and use them a few weeks from now?  No, you will use them right away.  Same with passwords.  They are either safe or not!  Changing does nothing at all to make it more secure.

HOWEVER - if you have one password for multiple accounts the first thing I would do if I was a hacker was to see if that password works on other things.

THUS - LastPass will give you a different 256 bit encrypted random password for every account BUT, you only have to remember ONE password.  Don't ask questions, not a clue how it really works but magazines that I trust are rating it fantastic and it's free.  Perhaps they are all in on this and we are all screwed but . . . . if you are that worried perhaps you should not be on the internet.


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Just your average tin of radioactive Uranium ore ...



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