Wednesday, September 10, 2014

35 Seconds

It took the Columbus Fire Department 35 Seconds to reach the fire at the Tremont Hotel in Columbus.  Well done team,  let's see if we can cut that to 33 seconds next time.  There is always room for improvement.

I believe we should schedule all random fires on Tuesdays when the CFD are having training.  This REALLY could have been a problem for that entire block and I don't think people comprehend how lucky Columbus was last night.  Instead of 35 seconds, what would 5 or 10 minutes have done for that entire block of historic buildings.  Seriously.

Sadly there were four cats lost in the blaze which started on the 2nd floor by that air conditioner.  I was just finishing up a budget workshop at City Hall when the sirens started tracking past our windows and we quickly lost focus and adjourned.

The Mayor ran out of city hall screaming MY TOWN IS BURNING MY TOWN IS BURNING I MUST ORGANIZE THE FIRE BRIGADE! (he really didn't do that but it sounds good).

Speaking of the Mayor.

It might sound like him and I have a difference of opinions from time to time. Well, we do and I believe it's a good thing. I've liked many things he has done but who wants to hear that crap.  Boring!
As a famous Chinese Fortune Cookie says.  "There should be no winner in a disagreement, only a solution".  Not actually a fortune like "Don't eat Chinese food today or you will get very sick" but more of a saying.

I think the worst thing you can have in government is a bunch of people that agree with each other. THAT is an idea killer.  Unless both sides of a disagreement don't want to work together to solve a problem. Then you no longer have a working Democracy.

ANYWAY -  back on topic.  On Facebook I made the point on NBC15's post about the FIRE IN COLUMBUS to give a little history lesson about the Tremont and Columbus and John Stofflet thanked me and might have used the word "22" in his newscast (I did not receive any credit for the use of "22").

The Tremont was built the same year as the City Hall 1892 and was a "Grand Hotel" with a classy restaurant with white linens on the 1st floor.  It's where travelers stopped on their journey to the new west.    

Lately it had become a low income housing with 22-ish apartments (the kind with one communal bathroom on each floor).  Hopefully only the inside is gutted and the outside can be saved as it really is a beautiful building. (I did not say that low income housing part) That was done by others.


OH - the NFL.

Lets see.  Someone drags a dead body out of an elevator with a gunshot wound and the NFL says "ooo that looks bad".  But then months later there is a film of someone SHOOTING someone in the elevator. The NFL says "WAIT A MINUTE, that looks BAD, that person with a gunshot was SHOT".

Well what the hell did you think happened.

If you drag a unconscious woman out of an elevator and drop her face down on the floor like a piece of meat you get suspended for 2 games.  Did they think he was just dragging her around all day? WHAT?  he HIT her in the elevator and knocked her out?  Well, that is a different story now!  WHO KNEW!!!    


OOPS = talking heads got the rain wrong. The BIG rain went north and south.


Took my tire to ACTION TIRE in Columbus after finding out the chunk of cement on Hwy151 blew a hole in my tire.  If that broken air pump would have been working air would have been coming out as fast as I was putting it in.

Action Tire?  Columbus?  What?  That is what I said.  It's like a caricature of a tire place across from Duffy Grain.  I will need to take a photo of the place.  Yes - it's a little more then Weber Tires in Bristal but it's local and you don't have a 4 hour wait (well, I have a 2 day wait but I can wait at home).

I like spending my money locally . . . unless like the computer place he keeps my tire and won't give it back and keeps charging me more and more until be moves to another town after stealing my identity.   But I digress.


Speaking of the Columbus budget.  Not a whole hell of a lot we can do with taxes.  Seriously. It's basically all about what the State wants to give us.  The City of Columbus has actually done well (only a 2.2% rise last year) but the Columbus School District (+6.5%)  and Columbia County (+6.2%) are the culprit.

OH - you ask why the 2.2% raise?  Because we lost $17 million in assessed value and because of that the state gives us less money and to make up for that short fall the City needs to find 17 million dollars.

Our assessed value went up this year a little but . . . . . there is this little James Street Reconstruction coming (maybe in the 4 million range) that needs to be looked into.   All us guys can do wit ha budget is get the best bang for buck out of what we have.  The actually levy rates are pretty much out of our hands.

OH - I'm just putting this out there.  Our Library is DREADFULLY small and is about to bust their seams.  There is no room for expansion.  There is some talk about some exciting developments in the future with a large structure that would combine several organizations.  Still just talk but what about turning the current Library into a Columbus Historical Museum.  There is no room for expansion at the current library which was a great size in 1912.

Oh the talk about that house being purchased was put on the back burner when the city was not allowed to have an assessment. The problem is if the city gets a price, that price becomes public,  The owners did not really like that idea.      

HEY - Maybe the Library could move into the Tremont!!!  It's not a catastrophe, it's an opportunity!

Interesting - 47% of people reading this blog use Chrome,  45% use Fire Fox and 5% use IE!

In the last month France is the biggest reader with 3750 page views!!  Bonjour France

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