Monday, September 8, 2014

Air Pressure Gauge FAIL

Seems the Columbus kindergarten is having problems with SO MANY children. What will happen when they get older and our high school can not hold them.  Perhaps we can get a big circus tent to house the bloating high school. Probably have to have a referendum to purchase more porta-potties. Hope it passes. Maybe we should buy more trees NOW so they will be bigger by the time they can be used.

Reminds me of living in my house and looking out the window watching golfers pee in the weeds across the fairway. I think it happens every day. Must be something about that 15th hole that makes people need to pee in front of our windows.


OH - one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is stopping at a gas station and having their air pump not only broken (which happens) but broken for "a while"!  It infuriates me.

DJ and I were taking a run to Copps and our car somehow broke a chunk of cement on 151. I looked in the mirror and I saw a 5 inch chunk literally a foot in the air.  All of a sudden lights were flashing on the dash and and I thought I was on the Sea View being attacked by a giant squid or something.

We get to a PDQ on "N" in Sun Prairie and I see the back tire is flat. I go to put air in and, guess what? The air pump is broken. It's "been broken for a while" it seems. WTF?

So now I have to change the tire because of negligence of PDQ Management and I try to get the lug nuts off with this little tool that looks like a large screw driver and it's totally worthless. Time to call AAA who come and put the baby tire on but strip a nut in the process.

Meanwhile I see Alderman Clark looking at me on his cycle and I quickly look around to make sure we do not have a quorum and he takes off on a ride to Potosi  . . . .anyway.  I'll never go back to that PDQ.

Who owns those air pumps.  Are they rented by gas stations? Who is responsible.  I called the number on the side and told them they better come and fix their machine.


Anybody who missed the downtown event Saturday should be ashamed.  Fantastic day.  GREAT band next to city hall.  Alice Schmidt's last big soup at the Senior Center.  Book sale at the library.

I picked up 10 pounds of books and am now reading "Last Full Measure" by Jeff Shaara.  The last book of the historical docu-drama Killer Angel trilogy about the American Civil War.  Fascinating.


Made a a delivery to Ultimate Arts the other day and took a photo.  I wanted to make it tattoo-ish or something.

I posted it on Facebook and a friend of mine made a disparaging remark about tattoos and regret at horrible tat's.

Well, the way I see it I have never heard of anybody disliking their tattoo and I know many people with tats.  In fact at art fairs this summer I was actually very surprised at how many people have tattoos.  Did you know that according to Pew Research 40% of people between 26-40 have a tattoo?  45 million Americans have a tattoos.   17% of people with tat's regret having it which means 83% have no Ragrets.

(This is what would happen if I was a tattoo artist).

Don't get me wrong - there are many many truly hideous tattoos but a tattoo is not for others to enjoy. They are for the wearer to enjoy and according to a survey of tattooed persons they could care less
what other people think.  I saw a tattoo just yesterday on a woman's leg.  It was horrible and I shook my head but . . . .she must have liked it.  She gave the OK to have it put on so . . . . .

Not sure why I got into a tattoo talk.  I have three and have never once regretted them.  They don't fade, or spread out like the old blue splotchy ones you see. Technology is awesome.

Plus, tattoo shops are a nice addition to any community.  A tattoo artists charges about $150 an hour.


Wisconsin Economy.

According to Business Insider there are two articles that rank all the States - the first is how fast is a States Economy growing and the 2nd is how good IS a States Economy.  

Where does Wisconsin rank in growth?

39th. The biggest problem is that wages have decreased by 0.46%

Iowa 41st
Illinois 34th
Ohio 25th
Indiana 21st
Minnesota 19th
Michigan 16th

But what about the actual state of the State economy.  Where do we stand

Ohio 35th  lost 12,400 jobs in July
Indiana 33rd  lost 600
Wisconsin 23rd  added 2,900 jobs in July
Iowa 18th added 6,700 jobs in July
Michigan 17th added 17,900 jobs
Minnesota 16th lost 4,200
Illinois 12th added 10,300


I just watched Ray Rice knocking out his girlfriend in the elevator - that guy should never play in the NFL again!

Let's play 

 Guess the NFL Stadium. 

That's right - that is Jerry Jones Memorial Stadium home of the bungling Dallas Cowboys.  Seems only 50% of Cowboy fans showed up to watch their heroes on opening day.   OH - Jerry Jones did not notice.  After all, it was a sellout for Americans Team.


I purchased a Chromecast for my TV for $35.  Works GREAT and took over 1 minute to set up.  Now I can play videos from my iPhone onto the TV in HD.  Netflix and so forth.  I love it.


Did you know that ISIS wanted to join Al Qaeda but Al Qaeda felt ISIS was too extreme?   IF you want to see you gas prices ZOOM to $5, just ignore ISIS.  They fund themselves by oil and the oil market is starting to get spooked.

That;s it.

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