Friday, September 12, 2014

Bubba? The sweet sting of the needle.

WELL - yesterday day was something different.  

I had forgotten the range of physical and emotional swings you go through when getting a tattoo.  I don't take tat's lightly and this was 5 years in the making.  I was the first person I knew to get an earring 50 years ago and one of the 1st people I knew to get a tattoo many years ago and I've never regretted any (more on regrets in a second).  Must be my artsy rebellious nature. 

Whether you approve or not if you are curious of the process here it is.  My artist looked like any normal guy off the street.  Not some dude wearing skulls with piercing all over but just another artist.  I gave him my idea and he stencils an outline.  After 3 tweaks he goes to work.  It would take about an hour. 

I lay back and he works on my arm.  The needle stings a little but it's more of an irritation  . . . . in the beginning.  But as he works he touches on little nerve endings that feel like electricity and  YIKES!! 

But here is the thing, after about 15 minutes your endorphin's start to kick in and while you feel PAIN, it's fine, who cares.  Sort of like taking Oxy for pain.  The pain does not really go away with Oxy, it's just that you don't care. 

Rich gets done and we talk and I'll need to come back for some outlining to complete the work.  It's actually beer runes that he put on.  Just to show people I'm an alcoholic. (NOT REALLY).  It's the symbols for Water, Barley, Hops,Yeast so when I brew I can look at my arm and get things right. 

Some will say WHY get a tattoo, I say why NOT get a tattoo. 

ANYWAY - I had forgotten the feeling you have when you are done.  WHOWA!  What a freaking high you are on. Your endorphin's are wild  and now I remember why once you get one tat you want more. Endorphin's are awesome. While my arm hurt it actually felt like a GOOD hurt, so weird. 

So I get to my car and get a call. My dry mounts are ready and I drive to Michaels. I get there and I'm talk talk talking to the behind the counter person and mention why I'm talking so much and his face lights up when I mention tattoo. We talk and he shows me his botched tattoo.  

He had his girlfriends name on his arm (bad idea). Then his NEW girlfriend did not appreciate it so he went to have it covered up (badly) and it looks like a fuzzy black cloud with red rain drops. 

He's going to get it removed (not that hard anymore, but expensive) and a new one put over it. But anyway. That was my day and now you think I am even MORE crazy!!   When the finished product is . . . finished maybe I'll post a photo.  OH - DJ has a tattoo also, we're like freaks!  :-) 

Ever since I saw Americas Test Kitchen talk about the BEST way to cook frozen meat is to cook it
WHILE frozen it's intrigued me. Then my buddy balderdash introduced me to frozen store bought burgers which were REALLY good.  The ones on the right were the ones I first tried. ($9.50 at Pic-N-Save/Roundys, $6.50 at Woodmans) and I was really surprised at how good they were. 

The problem I have is if you buy a pound of burger you always have some left over. So you freeze it and a month later toss it out.

WELL - yesterday I purchased some Bubba Burgers.  I have seen them EVERYWHERE and I finally broke down.  

WOW - they are GREAT!  Seriously. The official burger of MetLife Stadium. 100% additive free and super tasty.  DJ who is not a big burger eater inhaled hers. Three thumbs up! 


Gotta run to the DR today.  I'm talking my DR to get me off Niaspan which I take to increase my GOOD cholesterol.  I don't have BAD cholesterol but I don't have enough GOOD cholesterol and Niaspan has been deemed not great. 

While there I'll have the Columbus budget in my lap reading it like a book.  I've already created a spreadsheet to make things easier to read.   Here is a start - what I did was take total amount the budget for the last 5 years and compare each area to see what % they take from the budget. 

Next I'll start breaking down each category further.  All this is just to give me a clearer picture of what is going on so I can make informed decisions at budget time. This is a work in progress.

WELL - Seems I gotta go!  

BIG WALL OF RAIN coming!!    Yesterday was a record low high and today will break another record low high.  Snow in the Black Hills and the earliest snow since the late 1800's.   Anson Mount, the start of Hell on Wheels posted a photo of their set - ALL SNOW!!!    

see ya! 

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