Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Columbus Cardinals Shutout Brewers

In an Exhibition game the Columbus Cardinals shut out the Milwaukee Brewers 8-0.  Manager Ron Roenicke commented "We thought this would be a good game to get some confidence back for our guys for the stretch run".

Luckily the Brewers play the Cincinnati Reds this weekend who have already packed it in for the season.  Negotiations are continuing for both teams to forfeit the games but giving the victory to the Brewers for a first round draft choice next year.

In other sports news the Dallas Cowboys home tickets have gone on sale in New Orleans for the Cowboys next HOME game. Owner Jerry Jones at a press conference told reporters that it is only a coincidence that jambalaya, gumbo and andouille will be offered to hungry fans.


At the Mayors request the Council is looking into basically stopping funding for events in Columbus and having a majority of all money go towards marketing and filling the 10 empty hotel rooms in our one hotel.  Perhaps $5000 would be offered to help events ($16,000 was issued this past year).  

If you have issues one way or the other contact your aldermen and or Mayor.  Personally I'm on the fence.  I can see both sides.  I'm not sure what exactly we should spending $15,000 on with vague  marketing. Will marketing have a larger benefit then helping events bring people to Columbus.  

I do believe we need to spend the Room Tax more on advertising these events as opposed to music and so forth but what does a marketing campaign actually bring to the table.  Visit our downtown?  Come to our Hospital?  Amtrak?  Check out our strip malls and McDonalds?  

I do think putting $$ towards making the pavilion ADA accessible would REALLY bring a greater number of large events to Columbus.    

I believe we need to tighten room tax so that all $$ go towards advertising these events. 


I want to thank Davis Clark and team CPW for fixing the Recycling Center.  The puddles were getting pretty deep and rumors of lost citizens and residents of Little Chicago floating in the muck were unfounded. (I was told that those apartments south on Cty K are all Chicago mob people trying to run Columbus and the Police Department spends most of their days out there - I'm not sure if this is factual but it was what I was told at Ale and Arts so . . . .). 

Speaking of the Columbus Police Department.  The reason the PD has been ticketing people on 151 is that they are taking part in a "state-wide traffic safety initiative" that happens every year.  

Personally I'm not sure this is really needed as vehicles come to a full-ish stop before entering the city limits and it just gives Columbus a bad reputation with speed traps. And really, who cares if cars speed on 151, shouldn't be a Columbus problem.  I would rather have police vehicles closer to the city then catching speeders out in the country.  Just my personal opinion.


Ever wonder WHEN you should go to a party?  Just how late you should arrive?  Get to a party on time and feel weird, or go late and arrive when everyone’s there?  Well, there is a study being conducted to find out the optimum time.

If you are having a party watch when people show up and mail the results to 


Right now the average time people show up is 40 minutes AFTER the party starts but more data is needed. 


Rain rain rain. Here we go everybody!  We got a big one coming and be glad it's not winter. We are looking at 1 to 2 inches of rain tonight.  AND BRRRRR  High of 52 on Friday??  


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