Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dump the penny.

The good news is that a penny only costs 1.6 cents to make last year, down from 1.8 cents last year and 2.4 cents in 2011.  Producing the penny costs the American economy tens of millions a year. Canada dumped the penny when it comes to making change (of course they have $1 and $2 COINS so they can't be THAT bright!)  Canada rounds up and rounds down so we would have to reeducate tellers on how to do math which would cost tens of millions of dollars also.

Pennies are still used in non-hardware exchanges in Canada like credit cards and so forth but not change.  The American Military dumped the penny with no problems and are still able to bomb ISIS. 

There was a study at a Walgreens store. Over one year an average person will spend 4 hours dealing with a penny! 

BUT WHY STOP THERE!!  Most countries have a ten cent piece as their low denomination.

DUMP THE PENNY.  If you have any pennies and want to get rid of them put them near my front door and I will get rid of them for you - just a service I do! 


I was looking through my iPhone images and forgot I had this.  Did I post this here??  I probably did - sorry

BUT DUDE - is that a whole 16 inch pizza there??  Want to share?? 


Oddly on the new iPhone when I download a photo it's not called "photo(23)" but called "fullsizerender(2)". 

I took this this morning.  Pretty nice point and shoot camera.  

I've read a bunch of reviews comparing smart phone cameras and all are good but the iPhone is the best in low lights.  

I'm finding I like Siri for texting and all sorts of easy things but DJ says I'm rude when I talk to the iPhone (who I have as a female with an English accent).  DJ is polite and says "thank you".  I just command and show my dominance.     does this make me a bad person?   It does worry me.  For someone that talks to inanimate objects, the one inanimate object that can talk back to me I'm rude too.  Maybe I feel threatened. 


Another shot of The Orpheum.  Some day it won't be there. 

Are those trees?  I can't wait until Columbus has trees downtown.  It will make the place so much softer and reduce noise levers a little.


Truth in advertising.  Ever have something in the grocery store that you walk by successfully for years but then in a moment of weakness you break down and FINALLY buy it?  

mmmmmmm I can't WAIT to bite into one of these - it's been YEARS since I had a drumstick.  

What - really?  Reminds me of when I see people walking around with pants that are too short and have white socks on! 


I made some cookies a while ago.  I see nothing wrong. Maybe a tad dark.  But that inside part of that one looks mighty tasty!  I'm pretty sure I forgot one ingredient.  


Watched Gotham last night and it was pretty darn good.  I think we have a winner. It will be on again Friday or Saturday night again.   You get to see future Catwoman, future Riddler and future Penguin in last night show along with future Batman.


Congrats to Madison for ranking #1 as the best place to live in America. Affordable housing, great schools, and healthcare, along with plenty of recreational and entertainment options. Plus a Police Chief that is pro decriminalizing marijuana.

Speaking of the Police Department - does Columbus really need to spend $4000 on body blanket armor and small arms fragmentation helmets?  Has Columbus become Gotham?  Do we have a problem? 

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