Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hole in One - Columbus Disc Golf

Last year when we learned an Eagle Scout was trying to get a disc golf course installed in Firemans Park I geeked out and learned how to throw a disc.  Not like a Frisbee at all I found out.  More of a projectile as opposed to a floating disc.

I played 29 rounds at the various courses in Madison, Waterloo and Beaver Dam and had a rating of 809.  I think this is like a 20 handicap in ball golf.

FINALLY - after more then a year of waiting, 6 baskets were installed and I learned about it late last week.

Sunday after the Packer game, Pat the scout leader and I played the 6 holes three times to get a feel for the course and look for adjustments and yesterday morning I decided to start keeping track of my scores.

I was doing fine and came up to the shortish but tough #6.  The basket is straight ahead but because disc's do not fly straight because of their spin it's a tough little hole. (high speed spin makes disc curve left but when the spin slows more air is grabbed and the disc will dive left, every disk is different).

Well - since I an a RHFH (Right Hand Fore Hand thrower) on drives I had to go left over that bush and try to hook it to the right. I didn't think I could go under the trees.

And because the wind was left to right I knew that I might get extra carry going right at the very end.

Long story short - HOLE IN ONE!!!

As luck would have it Phil and Mike from DPW were doing something by the deer pens and heard my girly like screaming and I have witnesses.  This is as rare as ball golf hole in ones.

BUT WAIT - there is more to the story.

I, of course, bragged about it on DGCourseReview an huge online forum for disc golfers all over the world and many people were interested in a new course in Columbus Wisconsin.

In fact a number of people commented "I grew up in Columbus" and "my parents are from Columbus" and "great fireworks" and so forth.  THEN when they found out that an ALDERMAN disc golfs and I said that THREE aldermen actually disc golf the community said "WOW - what an awesome town!"

Something disc golfers do is try to golf as many courses as can. It's like putting State stickers on your trailer.  So I suspect next year we will have visitors from all over either on vacation or traveling stopping in Columbus.

One small thing is that the police like to hide in the driveway for Firemans Park during the day and with more traffic they will need to find another hiding place.


I found this image when looking for another photo.  Just thought I would post it.


Lot's of news from Hong Kong lately. Did you know that Hong Kong has 1,200 skyscrapers?

But check this out - three images of Hong Kong   1910, 1972 and 2011 All from the same vantage point.

I tell ya who is making out like a bandit in Hong Kong with the Umbrella Revolution.  Goggle makers.

But maybe people have goggles already with the smog??  


OH - I see Chris Christie was stumping for Walker and he said Walker is the candidate you should vote for because you can trust him. WHAT?  And this is coming from someone who understands having the public trust?   I don't think the word "trust" and Walker has ever been used in the same sentence before.


And then he wants drug testing for anybody that is on unemployment?  Does he have any idea how much that would cost?  Spend 10 million to save 1 million.  Yea - Brilliant!  That has been tried in 3 states with horrendous financial results!

Speaking of "drugs"

Maryland Decriminalization will be Effective October 1st

$2.3 Million in Funds for Oregon Rec Legalization has been raised - opponents - $0.00

Polls show 65% pro towards Washington DC decriminalization

Missouri is looking into decriminalization (that's weird)

Chili will soon totally legalize smoking marijuana

Australia is moving towards legalizing.

Just sayin.

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