Monday, September 29, 2014


Saturday was the 4th(?) annual Oddtoberfest celebration in Columbus with many many people in attendance on a beautiful night.  DJ and I went, had a few beers and danced the polka  . . .yes yes she got me out there and I have been scouring the internet making sure there are no videos available.

In attendance were city dignitaries including the Fire Chief Randy Koehn who was telling fish stories to anybody that would listen.  Of course DJ was always there sometimes successfully photo bombing.    

And Sandye Adams of Hydro Street fame in her wedding dress (no really it is).


After the Packer game yesterday I took to the links at Fireman's Park (is there a name for the course?).  That's right, the almost complete 6 basket disc golf course is ready for play.  The tees are still getting decided on where the best spots will be but the baskets are in place.

I played three 6 basket rounds for 18 "holes". It's a forgiving course that will be good to get people into the sport.  One lap of 6 holes is a little more then 1/2 mile walk so 18 holes will total I THINK about 1.6 miles of walking and throwing.

#1 is a long distance easy start but wind will be a problem with prevailing westerlies knocking down right handed tosses.

#2 is a shorter hole with trees dead ahead- sort of a dogleg right around trees.

#3 is straight south with has 4 large oaks as a guard for the 2nd shot.

#4 is blind and a long thrower will need to worry about the creek.  For shorter tosses you will have a downhill shot that will be tricky if you go to far right.  Going left is smarter.

#5 might is the hardest shot and my favorite on the course as the creek runs all the way on the left side and trees to go under and around.

#6 is a carry across the creek and will have a different personality depending on the water situation.

I've already found large sticks and so forth an placed them along the creek edges as natural disc retrievers as those last 2 holes will gobble up errant throws.

I'm going to get as  many rounds in as I can and keep track of the holes to get a real "par" for the course.


News from the School Board.

All students in Columbus between 3rd and 12th grade (including 3rd and 12th) will receive Windows Base computers.  Seems we got a GREAT deal.  Of course they might be Windows 2000 or Millennium but  . . . . . KIDDING KIDDING!   Hey - if we cannot get a new school that has running water and electricity might as well have computers.  It's a crime to have our young people go to school in those buildings!  Embarrassing.


WATCH OUT  - there are some new tiny signs coming off 16/60 to Dix Street saying - NO TURN ON RED.  The logic behind these is to relieve pressure in the Kwik-Trip/Pic-n-Save driveway.

Seems traffic cannot exit when there is a constant stream of cars turning onto Dix from 16/60.  It's a test to see if it helps.

There is a fix coming down the road - not a great one but with a redesign of that intersection and new stop lights that will make that whole intersection faster, help is on the way. Plus with a new grocery store opening soon taking 50% of the shoppers from PnS that will help a lot also.

In fact people will shop at Sentry BECAUSE that driveway fills up. It would behoove Kwik Trip and PnS to help on a solution and maybe install an alternate exit (as they are SUPPOSE to have).


Loving my Autumn Blaze Maple. We bought this thing as a bendy twig.

The 2004 Urban Tree of the Year


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