Tuesday, September 16, 2014

paper cuts and whipping children

So Adrian Peterson says there is no way he is a child abuser.

And then he says that he does not know how many times he has disciplined his son in this manner. HE DOESN'T REMEMBER???  IT'S MORE THEN ONCE?

This is not spanking dude, this is whipping.  OH, this is how he was disciplined and look how he turned out?

I wonder how many Viking fans would say "play A.P." if they had a video of the whipping.

I honestly believe he believes this is not an inappropriate way to discipline a 4 year old.

And don't get me started on the Minnesota Vikings who think this is OK, and you can play this week.  I'm glad at least one sponsor is pulling the plug on the Vikings.  I personally believe whipping a 4 year old to the point of drawing blood should be taken VERY seriously.

But spanking is an interesting thing. While spanking is becoming less acceptable over time there are some interesting breakdowns.  According to polls born-again Christians have no problem with spanking.  African-Americans are much more pro to spanking then Whites.  By region the south are spankers while the other side of the coin the North East are non-spankers.   Republicans are heavy on spanking, Democrats are non-spankers.

But what happened IS NOT spanking. That was whipping. Totally different.  Heck - I've spanked and it made me feel good, temporally, and then I felt horrible and never did it again.  Violence is not a way to discipline.  


Here is an image of the new Columbus Christmas ornament on sale somewhere at some time by somebody. There are also a few of last years ornament still available somewhere.


Hmmmm - -wait . . .WHAT?


Ever had a paper cut?  I worked at a magazine distributor for a number of years and my job, all day was to count magazines and I would get MANY paper cuts and those tiny things REALLY hurt.

Here is why.

Your hands are loaded with nociceptors which signal your brain to create pain. Since the cut is not deep enough to draw blood all of the nerves are just hanging out there.  Plus it's a very jagged cut, not like a knife at all and since paper is made of wood and chemicals it's a messy and easily infected.  

There ya go.


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