Thursday, September 25, 2014

Phobatrivaphobia is everywhere

Sometimes it's just better to keep my mouth shut and let others who's opinions I agree with and are more succinct with their words take over behind the scenes. Even I am speechless at times.


Guess what!  At the moment 2014 is the 8th wettest year on record (since 1895) and while the Summer of 2014 was basically average (seemed COLD to me) overall, including January this has been the 7th coldest year.    BRRRRRRR!


The last few nights every time we hear sirens a pack of coyotes begin to howl across the fairway.  REALLY loud the other night!  I saw coyote tracks in the snow a couple years ago but I think the pack is growing.

While looking for a neighbors cat the other night I shined a flashlight across the fairway and I saw little shiny eyes looking at me.


Summer is over - Big Brother had it's finale' last night.  Maybe the most boring BB because one of the best players ever won.  An undercover cop who played a perfect game.  He was never nominated to get kicked out with 55 chances and orchestrated every eviction.  It was like watching Kevin Spacey in House of Cards.  Derrick would talk to the camera and tell us how he would manipulate people to do exactly what he wanted.  Every person who was evicted had a "WHAT HAPPENED" look

He changed his look to fit in perfectly with the younger game players.

Near the end he was magnificent.  In one of the final episodes he said "I need to make Victoria understand it's a good thing to be nominated for eviction because she is just a pawn, I need to make sure Cody does NOT evict her (Cody had other thoughts) and I need to make Caleb volunteer to be to be nominated, and then we will evict him".

Each house guest had a meeting with him and when the last one left he looked at the camera and said "And THAT is how you win $500,000".  

It was boring because when ever someone wanted to make a BIG move and shake up the house he would say "Yea, that is a great idea I love that plan but is THIS week the best week for your game?  Let's wait a week."  and then things would change.

Then in the finale' he let the OTHER guy win the finale challenge so he would not have to make a decision and be found out he was taking EVERYBODY to the final 2.  He knew Cody would make the wrong decision and he (Derrick) would win.


Summer is over.  BUT - Survivor was on and Amazing Race is Friday.  I've always wanted to be on Survivor but how a 55 year old is the "old" guy!  sigh I would be one of the oldest Survivor contestants ever.


Did you know that the word "Polish" is the only word in the English language where if you take the "P" and make it a "p" it changes from a nationally to a verb or noun?  Fascinating.

and in China KFC's "Finger-Lickin Good" is translated to "Eat Your Fingers Off" which is totally different and not as yummy sounding.  

I need a haircut, maybe today. at least I do not have Tonsurphobia - the fear of haircuts although I might have in the 70s.

Phobatrivaphobia is the fear of trivia about phobias.

Ok - I've managed to stay away from what is REALLY on my mind about the city.  I have succeeded.

Carry on!


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