Monday, September 22, 2014

Random garbage

hmmm - gotta say it - got a beef with Columbus Water and Light billing.  I've keep track of every drop of water and kilowatt since I moved into this house and this morning I was entering the latest info.  I had missed the last few month and I see the new-look bill is missing some information I used to get.  HOWEVER - I could redue a few formulas so it was no big deal . . . . but wait . . . I needed last months info so I went to the website and . . . I can't find previous billing information.


Of course I have issues this morning already with Summit Credit Union who I paid off my credit card last month so the balance was zero and then they charged me $25 for a late fee for . . . what?  Sort of like when we paid off a car loan and for two months money kept coming out of our checks and vanishing.  Took them two days to find it.

Or when we get other peoples loan papers in the mail, or when they locked all of our cards because I missed a $5 loan payment, and then said they tried to call me and left a message . . . which they didn't.  Or when some good friends of mine were working with them on house payments and then put new locks on the doors, and when friends said I thought we you were working with us and they said "we called your lawyers" . . . . . except they didn't have a lawyer.

Got an iPhone 6 Saturday (actually two of them).   My favorite function is "wake me up in 20 minutes".  I tried "Wake me up when the Packer game is over"  but she just told me the Packer game was over after the 2nd snap.  At least I have her calling me "Timelord" now.


I'm on an American Civil War kick.  When I was in High School in Fort Atkinson our senior year we could make up our own course and I spent a year studying the Civil War since it was only a few years in the past.

In 1993 I was one of the first people to watch Gettysburg the movie (an adaption of The Killer Angels) in the theater.  It is one of the longest movies ever released at 4 hours and 14 minutes! Now I'm reading The Last Full Measure the sequel to The Killer Angels.  This covers Lee, Grant and a few other generals in the last two years of the war.

I mention this because on this day in 1862 Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation which really pissed off a lot of Northerners AND Southerners.  But what it did was make other countries, who were backing the Confederacy, back off because now they were backing slave ownership.

It did unite the Republicans (who would later become more like the Democrats) stay in power for a few decades.  Sadly Lincoln's first draft of the Proclamation was lost in the Chicago Fire.

The Chicago Fire is why Schlitz (now owned by a Russian company) made Milwaukee famous.  The fire burned downed most of the breweries in Chicago and Schlitz sent down hundreds of barrels of beer to Chicago.   HEY - reading this is like surfing the web isn't it.

Speaking of beer - my neighbor is opening a brewpub in Sun Praire where The Round Table used to be.

I think Ron was a Chef at Kestrel Ridge???

This has nothing to do with ANYTHING but I found it in my folders while looking for the above - this is a representation of all the aircraft carriers in the world.  We dominate the seas!

Lets see - OH - I know there are a few sports wagerers out there that read this - using the Kelly Criterion in sports wagering (which was really designed for horse racing) I created a spread sheet and ran a few thousand simulations.

This shows what you would do if you had a $100 bankroll and wagered a certain percent of that bank on each of the 170 games you wagered on in a year.   I then broke it into winning percentage for the year.

For instance - if you started with $100 and bet 4% of your bankroll on each game and your winning percentage was between 58 to 62% you would win $237 that year.  I ran the sim 200 times for each category.

My fun NBA system hit 64% last year - just sayin.  Oh - I hate the NBA . . .but it's all about the numbers!


 Nuff said

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