Friday, September 5, 2014

The last warm Friday

Dear Mr knowitall. I did not say the Indians called Mr. Harney a Squaw Killer. He was called that name by white man.  You need to skim better.  :-)


Packers - well, if you are going to play a bad game you might as well play one that you should lose ANYWAY.  And Seattle - wow, can they play a better game??  At least now "we" don't have to look forward to playing THEM again for a while.


Very nice article in the Columbus Journal and it's nice to see a real journalist words in the paper.

Council scraps motion to create tourism committee

I don't think we "scraped" it, more of a postpone. There was self inflicted confusion brought on by lawyer-speak and I'm pretty sure it will move forward again.  What I do not agree with is just handing the keys of a $20,000 bucket of money to unknown and untested people with zero control or oversite.

Yes - I was the only person to vote NO to pull it back and start over. I thought the plan that we had all agreed upon two weeks earlier was a good beginning.   I don't think we are starting over at all.  Maybe just tweaking.

I'm bringing up an agenda item for putting a speed radar sign up coming down the hill on W.James.  Even though the Columbus Police Department does not believe there is a speeding problem many many citizens disagree.  So the solution is easy and is a proven winner.  Speed radar signs.  Either mobile or permanent.

On a side note - watch out for speeding on 151 coming into Columbus.  I have heard that the CDP is protecting it's citizens by catching speeders on HWY 151.


BRRRRRR - cold weather is coming.  Highs by NEXT weekend will be in the upper 50s and lower 60s.

Enerpac is having an open house Saturday.  Hope they have cookies.


Big Brother - wow - if you want to know how to manipulate people just watch Derrick.  An under cover cop in real life and he is just running the house and could be one of the greatest players in Big Brother history.  He knows exactly what everybody is thinking all the time and when bad things happen he can turn things around.

In this case Derrick IS in an alliance with Zack.

Here he is getting himself out of a tricky problem that has his game in trouble.

Big Brother is like a real life "House of Cards".  You get to see all of the deals going down behind peoples backs and then get to see what happens when things start to leak out.

You are stuck in a house for 3 months with no outside contact and each week someone gets voted out!  Tons of dealing and secret alliances.  



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