Tuesday, September 2, 2014


When we were in Springfield ILL this past weekend we went to a huge liqueur store to bring back beer we can't get in WiscONsin.    While looking there was another couple looking for beer to take back to St. Louis for the same reason we were there.  I said we were from WiscONsin and made the horrific mistake of saying the word "WiscONson" more then once in a sentence.

You see when we were in the US Virgin Islands hanging out on Trunk Bay on one of the top beautiful beaches in the world a family starts setting up a little ways from us and as we listened to their conversation  . . . .OH MY GOD . . . . . DJ and I looked at each other. . ..  We ask "hey, where are you guys from?" . . . . .Milwaukee WiscONsin.


If you say WiscONsin more then once in a sentence you might as well just pick up a banjo and start strumming Deliverance or something.  


Want to know the 21 most miserable countries in the world??    

22. Finland Inflation  0.3%  Unemployment 11.5% 
21. Chile Inflation  0.3%  Unemployment 11.5%     
20. Brazil Inflation  6.5%  Unemployment 4.9%%     
19. Poland Inflation  0.3%  Unemployment 11.5%     
18. Ireland Inflation  0.3%  Unemployment 11.5%     
17. Philippines Inflation  4.9%  Unemployment 7.0%     
16. Russia Inflation  7.5%  Unemployment  4.9%%     
15. Slovakia Inflation  -0.1%  Unemployment 12.7%     
14. Italy Inflation  0.3%  Unemployment 12.7%     
13. Slovenia Inflation  -0.9%  Unemployment 13.9%     
12. Portugal Inflation  -0.9%  Unemployment 13.9%     
11. Columbia Inflation  2.9%  Unemployment 10.7% *32% live in poverty     
10. Ukrain Inflation  12.9%  Unemployment  1.6%         
9. Uruguay Inflation  9.1%  Unemployment  6.9%
8. Croatia Inflation  -0.1%  Unemployment 17.8%
7. Turkey Inflation  9.3%  Unemployment 8.8%
6. Egypt Inflation  10.6%  Unemployment 13.3%
5. Portugal Inflation  -0.9%  Unemployment 13.9%
4. Spain Inflation  -0.3%  Unemployment 24.3%
3. Greece Inflation  0.7%  Unemployment 27.8%
2. South Africa Inflation  6.3%  Unemployment 25.5%
1.Venezuela Inflation  52.7%  Unemployment 7.1%


While in Springfield we visited a new HyVee, the greatest grocery store in the world and THIS one is the BIGGEST HyVee and OMG - it was amazing.  Not sure how to describe it but it makes Madison look quaint and it was quiet.  The floors absorbed sound or something.   

BUT - I did wonder about these. 

WTF???   Hedgeballs????   What???   Then we go for a drive around with my mom and see these things hanging from trees!   hmmmmmmmm    How can I make beer out of them.

BTW - My Double Chocolate Stout is my next when my East Indian Porter after that.  



The Brewers have sucked since one of our cats did this!  


This was at HyVee we both laughed at the little ad but then DJ ordered some - I'll let you know how it works. 

100 reviews - 4.8 out of 5 stars - it does not cover-up - it changes! 

In the frozen pizza aisle we tried an O'Gradys Pizza and it's pretty darn good! 

Eat one and then use the other!

Driving through a number of ILL towns I gotta say that while Columbus would LIKE a better downtown, it's not like we are REALLY suffering. Columbus as a whole is doing well, let's not get all hand wringy and say we are doomed.  That is a line for the conservative's who thrive on fear. Columbus is fine . . . . but can be so much better.  

I'm going to be working on a downtown study maybe later today.  I think there is a lot of flawed numbers floating around about our downtown area and I want to see first hand, non-anecdotal numbers.

Off to work!


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