Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday stuff

Inside of my eyeball
You, me and most people can see about 6 million colors because our cones in our eyes have a 3 cell structure.

There is a woman with tetrachromat which means she has a 4 cell structure and she can see 100 million colors!  Is that a good thing? I can't imagine what the difference would be. What color am I missing???

She's like a color super hero but I can't think how she could fight crime this way.

The weird thing is her daughter is colorblind!  But wait - it seems she is an artist that teaches painting and has color blind students and she says they actually have a very good appreciation of color. Just not what WE can see!!!

There are many people with tetrachromat but do not know it because they have never trained their brains to notice it. Fascinating.

OH - that image is of the inside back of my eyeball. The black dot is actually the very center where everything goes into my brain.  The focus point is the bright area with the nerves and so forth.  I guess off center is the norm.


Yesterday at The Workshop  I gave some "demonstrations" on digital photography to kindergartners.

They were fascinated with turning horses pink.  Oddly pink was the most required color for almost anything.

I tried to teach them layer masking but they were more interested in turning horses into different colors.    

Seems Aaron Rodgers is better then we thought.  In fact Rodgers is 2nd only to Peyton Manning in 4th quarter comebacks between 4-8 points.

But unlike Manning it's when the team is down by 9 or more where Rodgers fails.  15.6% of Mannings drives end in interceptions BUT - he wins 28.6% of those games. (14 out of 49 chances) Rodgers drives end in interceptions 8.1% of the time  but he has NEVER won a game ( zero for 21).


Played 2 rounds of disc golf yesterday - Beaver Dam and Columbus.  Note to self, when jumping across the creek in Columbus, that far side might be farther then anticipated. Had my best round ever in Beaver Dam, no wind!!   Then got back to Columbus and that course is very wind dependent. Not many trees to hit but it's all about air movement.  The long holes are also into the prevailing westerlies making them longer.

Here is my average scores for each hole so far.   I play the course 3 times to get in 18 holes and so far there is no statistical advantage in that 3rd time around.

4.0 3.6 3.7 3.2 3.9 2.3

Right now Beaver Dam is easier then Columbus and I have an 814 DGCR Player Rating (maybe like a 16 handicap in ball golf).  I was using a new driver disc, a Nuke and I think I was getting 10-15 more feet out of it.  I can fling about 235 feet now with a variety of accuracy. but mostly forward.  Not bad for an old dude.


Saw a wolf in a field just going over the HWY 73 overpass going to Madison, he was munching on something.   Saw 4 vultures munching on something in the woods by the truck driving school yesterday.  Probably a dead deer or something. They looked happy.


What is faster on average - multi line checkouts of single line.

Obviously the single line is fastest - HOWEVER - one thing to remember is with multi-line you have a chance to make a decision.  Do you know the cashier?  Do you know the people in front of you?

There are some people that I see are coupon freaks that EVERYBODY hates.  They are a hideous group that slow the entire world down and raise prices for the rest of us by giving all their deals away or just throwing them out.  They buy $500 of groceries for $100 and give most of it away BUT, slow the whole checkout to a crawl.

Sorry - I experienced this the other day.  

OK - wasted enough of your time.

See ya 

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