Monday, October 6, 2014

The Workshop and Two Guys and a Beer Landscaping..

Knowitall commented  "You neglected to mention that the drop in gun deaths coincides with almost universal concealed carry. Coincidence?"

Actually balderdash reminded me that the drop in gun deaths actually can be attributed to Rowe vs. Wade.  According to either Freak-o-nomics or Nate Silver. But that's a whole different topic.

ANYWAY - before we take off to the hinterland.

This coming Saturday 2PM to 4PM I and 20 of my favorite pieces will be on display at The Workshop in Columbus at 336 n Spring Street.   Just across from the Railroad station and that large building up the tracks from Julies Java House.

MEET THE ARTIST (did I say that out loud?).


I hope everybody in Columbus got their free light bulb at the Firemen's Pancake breakfast yesterday. I heard the event smashed records in attendance. The bulb should last 25,000 hours. I figured it will burn out in 17 years.  I put a date on it to remind myself when I got it.

I do that with a lot of things.  My big box of trash bags I get from True Value last about a year.  I had a date on my salt - took like 3 years LOL.  So on my 60W LED light bulb I have 10/05/14.

I'll let ya know when it burns out!

Two Guys and a Beer Landscaping. 

This is the rock wall Elwood and I have been working on for a few years - nothing but dirt and rocks when we started - clean slate.  Lookin' pretty lush Saturday.
That ground cover would look great around the Water Tower and not hard to grow.  What would be needed would be a LOT of dirt to fill in the crevices.  It would look GREAT!!

Two Guys and a Beer could be hired out very cheaply (but not for free) if we had dirt. It would be a summer project.   We have a lot of experience on what works and what does not work and what needs to be done to make rock walls self containing.  And that ground cover looks GREAT when it blooms in the spring!   Just sayin'.  The biggest problem is filling in the cracks and holes with dirt.

Going to miss my first Council meeting in like 2 years and I've only been on Council for 6 months - and of course this is the one that had all the things "I" wanted to talk about.

Winter Parking Rules is the big one but looks like Trick or Treat will be talked about along with a new council member.

BUT - we have gone to Door County the 1st week of October since the middle 90s so . . . . . . . it's the perfect week for fall colors.


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