Thursday, November 6, 2014

Democrats R E L A X

knowitall - Actually I did see a gray wolf.  My parents had a half collie half timber wolf when I was young and on 151 a few weeks ago I will guarantee I saw a gray wolf in the field.  That is why I was wondering about the howling.  I was told wolves have a longer howl.

Still wondering about the tracks in the back yard a couple of winters ago.


This is hilarious AND it really does work.  We have tried it and purchased it and it's wonderful for those "special" times.

We first saw this at the worlds largest HyVee in Springfield ILL.


Seems the Democrat's polling was poor this round.  In fact almost all polls were skewed to the left across the country.  BUT not to fret.  IT'S THE MID TERMS.  As a number of articles have mentioned, mid terms are when old white males vote.  If you watch Matlock, you probably voted.

The news this morning said that across the country this was the lowest turnout since the 1930s for the mid terms and many states had record low turnouts.

Something else was noticed.   When the democrats saw such huge numbers in the presidential election they assumed it was all for democrats when in reality . . it was all for Obama.   The young crowd normally do not care about fancy advertisements and agendas.  Freakonomics (the book) said that  people vote for people that like.  Well seems young voters vote for people they LIKE or they don't vote at all.

But on the whole the country is moving more progressive with minimum wage increase gaining ground and marijuana becoming more and more legal while at the same time government is turning more conservative . . . for the time being.

The young voters will return in 2 years because Presidential elections are taken much more seriously then mid terms.

As for Columbus here are the results

2189 votes cast
Burke(D) 53.6%
Walker (R) 44.6%
Attorney Gen
Happ (D)51.7%
Schimel (R)44.3%
Sec of State
La Follette (D)56.9%
Bradley (R) 37.32
Sartori (D)50.2%
Adamczyk (R) 41.6% is that a real name or did Ann fall asleep at the end of his name? 
Rep Cong Dist 6
Harris(D) 52.9%
Grothman (R) 43.0%
State Senator Dist 13
Zahn(D) 54.5%
Fitz (R) 45.4%
Rep Assembly Dist 37
Arnold(D) 58%
Jagler (R) 41.3%
Weaver(D) 51.7%
Richards (R) 48%
YES 80.62%
NO 10.4%

WOW - when did Columbus turn left.  I knew a number of years ago that Cbus was starting to lean that way but that is quite a shift.
Road Projects 

WIS 73 (US 151 interchange) 2015
WIS 16/60 Intersection 2016
WIS 16 (industrial - Manning) 2017
Wis 16 (151 Interchange - North part of Columbus) 2021
Sydney and Caydence at Halloween - Sydney is in Pre-School and Caydence is in kindergarten 

Polar Vortex coming our way!   it's interesting that a cyclone approaching Japan is actually having an influence on Columbus and the midwest   it is going to be brutal next week with highs more then 20 degrees below normal.  A frozen tundra for the Packer Eagle game in 9 days.  
Enjoy this warm weather while it's here.  


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