Monday, November 3, 2014

Government gridlock is great for business

But first - knowitall - you worked with a wiccan  at DHS - you just didn't know it.


My smaller cat has gotten into a very disconcerting habit.  She will jump on my shoulders when I walk by, BUT, somehow never uses her claws.  It's actually pretty amazing that I don't look like I have been whipped or something with claw rips down my back. 


I had the most amazing dream the other night and woke up with tears in my eyes - WTF!!  THAT has never happened before.  And the odd thing was that I did not wake up and the dream ended, it ended and then I woke up.  And I can remember almost the entire dream, it was like a movie. 

It started in current times and then went backwards like Benjamin Button.  My house and then my house without trees (but holes in the ground) and then my mom shows up and there are grocery's to buy and then I'm younger and all of a sudden there is my dad and we hop into our little yellow MGE and he's driving around showing me all the places HE went to when he was young . . . . . places I have never seen before and then we pull over, he jumps out, gives me the keys, I look back and he is smiling and waving good bye and I drive off and I wake up.

OMG - I have tears in my eyes again - what the hell!  Am I have in a stroke? 

My dreams are either bizarre or I'm vacuuming (I call those nightmares).  Never like that one! 


My dad died of lung cancer from smoking - it's a hideous hideous way to die.   

Well, that's a buzz kill isn't it.

I've have this old dog eared book for like 25 years ago called "Don't Sell Stocks on Monday" and one of the sections is The Political Stock Market Cycle and we are about to hit an important point in that cycle.

Mid Term Elections - it's AWESOME!!  Even though the book was published in 1986 somethings are still holding true.  

Put your money into the stock market on Mid Term election day and 17 out of 18 times you will be up in 3 months, 18 out of 18 times you will be up after 6 months and 18 out of 18 times you will be up after one year.  On average 8.5% gain in 3 months, 15.0% in 6 months and 15,6% in 12 months. 

Year  3mth     6mth   12mth
2010  8.8%   14.9%     3.7%
2006  4.6%     9.4%     6.7%
2002 (8.7%)  2.0%   14.9%
1998 13.7%  21.9%  22.0%
1994 3.4%    13.1%  27.1%

And it goes keeps going on like that.

Typically mid term elections increase gridlock as the Presidents party NORMALLY loses seats to the other side (in this case Republicans will win more seats) which brings more gridlock. 

After the Mid Terms the Presidents party all of a sudden has lost seats and fiscal policies are tweaked to get more federal spending, more disposable income more social security benefits and to keep interest rates and inflation down.  By the time the Presidential election happens the party has danced their way into peoples hearts and wallets and if done correctly his electorate will vote his party back in. 

Of course AFTER the election then "normally" it's time to fix things.  

Gotta love politics and politicians.  Nasty bunch.    

And business loves gridlock because politicians normally have goofy ideas on how to "fix" things because the other side has no clue when in reality both sides really have no clue and are just winging it.  

There is a reason our founding fathers thought it best to have checks and balances. 


On this day in history in 1964 voters in Washington DC, for the first time ever, could vote for a President. 

Also in 1998 The Body was elected Governor of Minnesota. 


watched half of Snowpiercer . . . need I say more.  Actually I'll watch the last half maybe brewing beer because I don't really have to pay attention. Maybe the ending is great but it seemed rather repetitive to me.
Anybody see the Badgers Chris Borland on San Francisco?   15 tackles and 3 assists!  WOW!  Not bad for a short guy! 
OH - I was contacted by a rather large Interior Design Company looking for rather large prints
   this one would be 8 feet wide.  The cool thing is they are EDAC certified. What is that? It means Evidence Base Design for Health Care facilities. "EBD suggests that particular types of artwork have a direct effect on patients and can help create an environment that eases anxiety, decreases stress and, in fact, speeds healing."

How cool is that!!   

They have a number of images they are looking at and were wondering if I would be open to working with them now and in the future.

WELL YEA!!!    

Tomorrow - first day for my NBA system  64% ATS last year with 167 picks.

I Twitter them out if curious  @grinder12000    just sayin'

Have a great Monday! 


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