Friday, November 7, 2014

Significant Bombogenesis Heading Our Way

knowitall - I'm not in Dane County and I know what a gray wolf looks like. Unless there happens to be a wild large grey dog that looks exactly like all the gray wolf photos I see on the net in the middle of a field eating something.   Am I suppose to report this??

That's right - this ain't know Polar Vortext heading our way - this is called a Bombogenesis or BOMB CYCLONE all caused by Super Cyclone Nari.    Get your snow blowers out as we will have a LOT of snow Monday - at the moment 4 to 6 inches in an all day event but it could be more.

A Bombogenesis has an EXTREMELY quick drop in pressure when two very large air masses collide with each other.  Super Cyclone Nari will hit Alaska and it is so powerful (way bigger then Hurricane Sandy) and with such strength it is disrupting a rather large piece of the jet stream and basically messing up the entire northern hemisphere.  Heading to Florida? Sucks to be you.  This is an airport closing event and I would not be surprised with school closings Monday.

Sadly this is just the beginning. There will be ripples of badness for 2 to 3 weeks as we get the actual Polar Vortex consuming us in  November. There is no brightness at the end of the tunnel for a number of weeks.  

Just saying. 


I have been quiet about the whole budget thing because for ME it's been a learning experience.  It's not the budget but the logistics of when things happen that has confused me.  When do we talk about big things when do we talk about line items of $1000 and so forth.

We start with a small 48 page Columbus budget and then it seems every day more is added changed replaced augmented deleted and pretty soon you have 200 pages all looking alike and no dates on any page from 12 departments and funds you have never heard of.  Mae Ward Fund??  What? 

I was so organized and then I wasn't. Lesson learned. Plus just when you have a clue you find out the city needs to pay an extra $200,000 in property taxes for so and so and we deal with that the best we can BUT WAIT - On November first the State gives us our final Expenditure Restraint Program Percentage - OH - we need to find another $160,000?  Yea - that's simple. What!!  it's like 4% of our budget which is already skinned to the bone?

At least we get paid $3 an hour to figure this all out!



A friend of mine was hit by a car in Madison and is in rough shape.  It puts a greater emphasis on getting sidewalks on Avalon which is EXTREMELY dangerous and is a catastrophic accident waiting to happen.  

I have almost been hit and have almost hit joggers and walkers on this street.  Then seeing kids on bicycles and walking around cars just scares the crap out of me. Then in winter snow piles up on the curbs and narrows that road by 6 more feet.


Today I look for or buy some new gloves and get the snow blower ready.

It's all I got!





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