Thursday, December 18, 2014

America, Land of the Cowards It Seems

Has Americareally sunken to hand wringing worriers?  Would we have caved in to Hitler because he threatened us?  Should we just stay away from any business that has a threat from any nutball dictator?  Should we make our schools prisons (wait, we have done that already).

HEY - if you play that movie we're going to blow you up.  OK OK WE GIVE UP!!!!  HANDS IN THE AIR, HIDE UNDER THE COVERS!

Good lord America has become weak.

YEA - TAKE THAT NORTH KOREA - you can' t shut down THIS blog!!  

Sorry - had to get that off my chest - I have angst this morning.  I don't know why! 


NBA - 0-3 last night  (hmmmmmmm)

down to winning 60.3% (which in some circles is still freaking amazing).


The photo above was taken while I was getting spoken too sternly for taking the photo. In fact every time I have taken photos of the mill a dude comes out on his riding lawn mower and gives me a lecture.  Well . . . .dude . . . .I'm on public property, I can take any damn photo I want.  MERRY CHRISTMAS  :-)   (I just made myself laugh).

Christmas Season - 1960

The house is a-bustle with holiday doings,
With baking and trimming and wrapping of toys,
Buying and trying and signing of Christmas cards,
Carols and laughter and secrets and noise.

The children are busily being mysterious,
They've bolted their doors and are late for their meals,
Soon they will appear bearing queerly shaped packages
Bristling with Scotch tape and hundreds of seals.

We think that our kitten, in sniffling the presents,
Got too big a whiff of her new catnip mouse,
For she's knocked over the little tree, climbed up the big tree,
And eaten the roof off the gingerbread house.

Our youngest is trudging upstairs with a ruler
To find Daddy's biggest and stretchiest socks.
Out little chihuahua is wild with excitement
And keeps falling into the ornament box.

So steady the ladder and hand me that angel,
Hi-ho the holly and mistletoe, too! 
All of us here in our family are wishing
The merriest possible Christmas to you! 




Of course when you are 25 you are normally living pay check to pay check or less. But you should put SOMETHING in savings every check. ANYTHING.  Take it off the top, pay yourself.

It's all about compound interest and it works, trust me. 


The Bears

You know if you have an iPhone and are typing something and want to start all over you just shake the phone like a martini and start all over?  That is what the Chicago Bears need to do!  So they benched Cutler who will now make 1 milling dollars a game sitting on the bench. The basic reason is Marc Trestman is trying to save his job and if he can win his last 2 games . . . . . . . .

In other news - Paul Chryst???  WOW - I did not see that one coming!!!


Survivor - great ending to a very good season. According to Graph TV this was one of the best if not the best season ever. In fact the last 2 years have rated as the two best.

The interesting thing about this year was that it was Blood vs. Water where 8 teams of couples were
on the show competing against each other.  This year an Amazing Race couple were on the show, identical twins Natalie and Nadiya.  Nadiya was the very first contestant voted out and the two had never spent more then a few days apart for ANY REASON.

Natalie was forced to be her own woman for the 1st time in her life and she won!  She was awesome pulling the biggest moves in Survivor history and playing an amazing game.

In February the next Survivor starts,  Blue Collar vs. White Collar vs. No Collar!  Should be interesting.

Have a great day.   


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