Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Another Bombogenisis and Cookie Monster

First of all I am so glad "M" saw Cookie Monster,  it was one of the first things I saw in that image.

Yet another Bombogenisis has appeared and I THINK it is a good thing . . . . . for Americans.  This time it's hitting the UK.  This image comes from a surfing website and shows a sea swell approaching the UK.  

Why is this good for Americans?  Because it's another blow off of weirdness which allows the rest of the world to be somewhat calm. . . . although the east and west coast are dealing with their own hell at the moment.

Check out this video from above of the Bombogenisis - rather intense 

Speaking of weather - maybe I can get a little disc golfing in this weekend!! Maybe 46 on Sunday?

Today WOULD be warm.  Lots of warm air around  ABOVE THE CLOUDS!!  Yea - these clouds are acting like a barrier, cold below and warm above.  No mixing!   



Yup - seems taking one aspirin a day has now been debunked and "they" are saying this could be hurting you instead of helping, hiding problems.

In other news -  eggs are OK to eat this week but fruits will rot your teeth unless you use special toothpaste.    Mountain Dew has been deemed better then Milk and should be substituted in school lunch programs.


OMG - I just saw an article that has the BEST tourist attraction in every state.  


WISCONSIN: Tour the Miller Brewery in Milwaukee, where machines pack 200,000 cases of beer a day. Don't forget to grab a sample on your way out.



A bunch of Londoners were asked to fill in the states in America.  Here are a few of the attempts.

Yea - well, lets see how good you are naming the England counties  - Quick, where is Oxshire!!


Seems the Koch Brothers, you know, the guys that run Wisconsin (many believe it's Walker but it's actually the Koch Brothers who fund Walker) are in a bit of trouble overseas for Tax Avoidance.  Seems they channeled 100s of millions of dollars to get tax free profits.  It's called the Luxleaks Scandal.  I would say more but I got bored.


On this day in 1967 Otis Redding's plane crashed about 200 yards from where I'm sitting at the moment. If it was 1967 I could look out my window to see them dredging but I have a large Frank Lloyd Wright building in front of my window now. 

OOPS - correction - a litle farther away then I thought!


What is happening in Columbus?  Just wait - some exciting stuff is coming down the road near the downtown.  A new tourist attraction/destination is moving forward and will come in front of the planning commission this week I believe. I've had a number of talks on strategy and logistics with the people in charge and I think we have a good thing.  And sadly no - it has nothing to do with the Auditorium.      SIGH!!

 Here is a hint.

Any my NBA update - 29-18 ATS 61.7%

Questions - why do so many people from Germany read this blog ????  So weird!  Guten Morgen meine lieben deutschen Freunde.

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